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10 Years Of Exit : Bad Company


Exit Records are celebrating 10 years at the top of drum & bass, and how better than a one off reuniting of the mighty Bad Company for one night only? And we have 2 tickets to give away!

In 1998 four young producers came together to form what would become one of drum & bass' most accomplished production super outfits. Those young producers were Darren White (dBridge), Dan Stein (Fresh), Jason Maldini (Maldini) and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas). Producing independently and in collaboration under a series of aliases including Future Forces, Monochrome, Absolute Zero, Submorphics and Fresh & Vegas, the four combined their collective abilities. The outfit was Bad Company...

Between 1998 and 2005 Bad Company were responsible for iconic tracks like "The Pulse", "The Nine", "Miami Flashback" and "Planet Dust" as well as four full length albums. They inspired a generation of artists and left an indelible mark on the genre. Bad Company defined an era not only stylistically, but also through their technical prowess in the studio. Much of today's production convention especially within the techstep sound can be attributed to Bad Company and their peers of the era.

Now in 2013 to celebrate 10 years of his own Exit Records, dBridge has reunited Bad Company for one night only.

It is no secret that here at Organic we are massive Exit Records fan boys, so naturally we are all over this event. As well as Bad Company, there are a series of special sets celebrating several of the great moments in the music's history. From Krust & Die throwing down a Bristol dubplates set to Fierce taking us back to circa '97 with a No U-Turn set, this simply cannot be missed and from what we hear the tickets are going fast. When you've had a look at the line up and put your tongue back in your mouth, scroll to the bottom of the page for your chance to win yourself 2 tickets. Miss this and you will miss out!

Exit Records 10th Birthday
12/4/13 @Fire, London

Bad Company
Breakage (Classics set)
Marcus Intalex
Fabio (Speed set)
Doc Scott (Blue Note set)
Skeptical B2B Dub Phizix
Krust B2B Die (Bristol dubplates set)
Amit (Live)
Jubei B2B Loxy
Fierce & Ryme Tyme (No U-Turn set)

LX One


We have 2 tickets for you to win, simply click HERE and enter your email address to be entered and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat...

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