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7" Press-ure


A little bit of history, a little bit of nostalgia, a little bit of dubbed out bass. Mjazz14 incoming.

The story of the vinyl record is like many innovations a story of the need to replace inferior product. Initially records weren’t even made of vinyl. To start with they were rubber, but were swiftly replaced by a shellac compound. We’re talking late 1800’s here, so well before DJ culture or anything resembling it as we know it!

What is interesting is that vinyl as a material of choice is entirely due to something closer to a DJ culture we can recognize. During the late 30’s radio DJ’s started to receive records on vinyl rather than shellac, but why? Shellac was relatively rigid and had a bad habit of getting broken in the post… And this is where the vinyl story really begins on its journey to where we are now. Birthed out of necessity for DJs and kept alive today by DJs and collectors.

As a format vinyl takes many iconic forms, probably most of all the disco 12” and the 7” 45. We all now about 12”s, but what of the 7”? Many of us have inherited/ stolen/ long term borrowed our parents record collections, and if that collection is at all or in part reggae based, you’ll have a special place in your heart for the 7” 33.

Thinner than it’s 12” cousin, maybe a little more crackley, and with a big fat hole in the middle! With this in mind, the guys at Mjazz have just issued a special 7” release.

With remixes of Diamond Eye’s “Hunter” and “The Approach” from Dubmonger and LXC, Mjazz14 is a tribute to the history of dub based music. An audacious statement and maybe an indicator of the current collector led vinyl market.

Anyway! Enough pretentious waffle! Check out the tracks!

We’ve got a 7” test press to give away.

If you would like to win Diamond Eye "Hunter" ( (Dubmonger Sonar Dub Remix) / "The Approach" (LXC Ziontific Refix) simply click HERE and enter your email address to be entered and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat...