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Alia Fresco - No Ordinary Thing


Alia Fresco's self titled EP on Kid Drama's CNVX imprint is being heralded as the forerunner for a new sound - 'Autonomic Pop'. Future music defined and realized.

Like us, the first time you heard the name Alia Fresco could have been on ‘Wait For Me’ in 2013, which launched both singer songwriter Fresco and Danish producer Beastie Respond into the playlists of discerning 170 BPM listeners. Since then she has appeared on Kid Drama’s ‘Covering Ground’ EP and the self-titled ‘The Levels’ album. Fast forward to 2017 and Alia Fresco finds herself at the helm of her own 4 track EP on Kid Drama’s CNVX label.

Produced by Kid Drama and clocking in at just over 14 minutes in total, the EP is can aptly be described as “Autonomic Pop” with parallels to be drawn with contemporary acts like BANKS and FKA Twigs. The EP has a polish and sheen to it that screams technical prowess and solid studio technique. Sit Alia Fresco’s opening track ‘Ordinary Thing’ or ‘Break Me Out’ next two FKA Twigs’ ‘Two Weeks’ or BANKS’ ‘Trainwreck’ and the lateral resemblances become strikingly clear. The EP belongs to the 170 bracket (we’re claiming it!), but it need not be shackled by the restrictive grip of Drum & Bass.

“A friend of mine once said that Twigs had listened to Autonomic back its in prime when the podcasts were out and she released a hand stamped vinyl only EP, which I picked up and felt the kind of Autonomic "melancholy" vibes. I'm a fan of Twigs and went full circle and took inspiration for the direction I thought Alia could go in.” – Kid Drama

Listening to ‘Let You Go’ you’re able to appreciate the crossover potential of the work. It has the desirable qualities of pop music; catchy vocals, defined structure, clean definition and dynamics, while maintaining the rhythmic cogency of deep rooted electronica. Its only short coming is that it ends 4 tracks in. I could happily listen to an album of this. When beautiful vocals are properly recorded and treated they are like fine fabrics layered atop each other as rich quilt work. Finely textured and soft to the touch. The tonality and control Alia Fresco demonstrates is poetic.

"I had just purchased a new drum machine. I pretty much used just that unit to make the 4 instrumental tracks for Alia to record on and a friend, Tom Rekwest laced up the guitar bits as he is a wizard with any instrument." - Kid Drama

A continuation of Kid Drama's vast record of work throughout the Autonomic and Instra:mental years, the 'Alia Fresco' EP is bound to inspire a host of copycat ventures. Alternatively this could be the initial hint of something completely radical. This release has created the same excitement that the original slew of Darkestral releases inspired back in 2007, so it is incredibly suiting that Kid Drama is the zenith at its crest.