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AnD What?


Drum & bass heads may have only just heard of AnD, but the truth is that they have been plying their trade since 2009. We check out their latest remix of Pattern's "Draft".

In the modern world of grammatically unhinged electronic music, Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Poumplidis could be just another play on the misuse of of lower/ upper case or as it happen to be upper/ lower/ upper case, but don't be fooled. beneath the playful name there is a monster.

Recently breaking cover and making a break for it on both Felix K's Hidden Hawaii Ltd and ASC's Auxiliary imprint, AnD are better known for their unapologetic take on techno. With a sound that bares all the hall marks of the tough north of England, AnD's sound is characterized by relentless distorted 4/4 kicks, harsh stabs and bit crushed percussion.

Between the distortions and harmonics created by heavy processing occurs groove and nuance that entirely counteracts the coarseness of the formant sound. Tracks like "Reverberate" and "Algorymic Love" make for characteristic AnD listening, but it is there latest remix work that sees potentially there most aggressive work to date. Completely restructuring, reconstituting and redesigning fellow Mancunian Pattern's "Draft".

At it's core, what is techno? Is it industrial? Is it electronic? Is it the sound of the future? Is it even the sound of the past? It's all of these things. The original rebel music, reactionary against it's house sibling. That is probably how best to describe the "Draft" remix, reactionary. Reactionary against the original and reactionary against the niceties of production etiquette. The unrelenting kick drum is nothing short of abuse, laying the uneasy bedrock for unhinging pad work and metronomic percussion. This is the result of when doing it wrong, gets it right.

Pattern - "Draft"/ "Draft" (AnD Remix) is out on Re:Alignment on 13/05/13.