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The Best Of The Rest: The Calm Before The Storm


A new year with new challenges, but the same old internet. A friend that will never let you down, the encyclopedia of wasted time. What has it offered this month?

January is typically a quiet time in the release calendar for record labels. In the poverty stricken month after xmas, most people are either too poor to buy much music or simply too miserable to care (not us of course). So you may find yourself gazing even more aimlessly at your computer than usual. Well we do plenty of that as well. Here are our highlights of the depression spiral that is January...

Shelter Birmingham Podcast 2
Birmingham promoter Shelter has been doing some wonderful things of late. Firstly by bringing deeper more conscious textures to a much lacking musical landscape, but also by putting out a really good podcast. On this occasion featuring solid unsigned productions from their own crew and an excellent guest mix from Organic favourite Sam KDC who is appearing at their forthcoming event:

Bones Brigade Documentary
We all like a good documentary don't we? History, culture... skateboarding? If all of these tick your boxes, then the Bones Brigade documentary is for you. Featuring some of skateboarding's staple characters of the last 3 decades this will appeal across the generations... Here's the trailer to wet your appetite.

Explaining Rave Culture To Americans
It may have come from the US, but America never really "got" dance music or rave. While Bud, Pauly and Chad were rocking out, Europe and the UK were owning the 90's. Vice's Clive Martin explains more and why Americans do it so wrong.

Musicians With Tattoos Gone Wrong
New York based blog Pigeons And Planes is a place I regularly find myself browsing over in the time between eating and sleeping. If you're not yet familiar then say hello by checking out 25 examples of musicians with really crappy tattoos. Yush!