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The Best Of The Rest: Cough Snort Fart

mc creed ukg uk garage

The Organic team has been struck down ill, so this month we need cheering up as much as anyone else. While we fester in our beds, we do however have more time to aimlessly waft around the world wide web. Here are our picks for february.

This month is turning out to be bloody tough. As previously mentioned, we are all dying of phlegm related illnesses and I've also fucked my thumb skiing so typing is that much harder and writing is near impossible. I am in fact an aching gobby mess. So TBOTR comes to you in a slightly reduced state, but it's ok as it is all good stuff.

Harlem Shake Roulette

Let's get started with something easy to digest! First a bit of background. The Harlem Shake is apparently a dance that began in er... Harlem in 1981. It's roots are in the Ethiopian dance "Eskista". Harlem Shake Roulette is a collection of video memes that generally maintain a set of characteristics; Starting with one masked individual dancing amongst an otherwise oblivious crowd, when the track drops, everyone goes crazy... Simple! Get spinning.

I Love UKG

Although I've been under the weather, I have also been very lucky this month. A friend of mine from my pirate radio days needed to pass on his record collection, for reasons that are still not entirely clear to me?! So now his has become part of my collection. A mixture of both mid 90's drum & bass and uk garage, it is certainly a blast from the past, so I thought it only right that I brush up on my uk garage knowledge. Seeing how garage has become very trendy again, I do feel a bit cheeky picking up original presses of Groove Chronicles, Roy Davis Jr's "Gabrielle" and a whole host of under the radar white labels. Nice one James!

Pot Holes In My Blog

J Dilla died for our sins, so on and so forth... Don't be sad though, hip hop didn't die. For those who have been out of the loop for a while Pot Holes In My Blog could be an ideal way to bring yourself back into things. Covering a wide ranging sound from Oh No to Four Tet to Azealia Banks, it's a kind of one stop shop for bite sized hip hop and urban commentary. Shout to Rob Eves for the recommendation.