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The Best Of The Rest: Crackle Click


Our pick of what's turning on our musical taste buds...

In a month that has seen some fantastic new music come to the fore, my personal life has been swamped with old music, which has gone a long way to shape my picks for this month's feature. It's been a few months since this feature last graced the Organic website, and I feel it makes a welcome distraction from all this serious music waffle we usual get our grubby noses stuck in. While you read this i'm going to hide in a sordid corner of the internet buying old tunes on Crackle, click, crackle, pop, click...


Hardscore is something that I have come across recently while trying to find Bizzy B recordings from the ‘92/ ’93 era. In a nut shell it is a blog/ online resource for mixes, documentaries and the like for jungle drum & bass from 1989-1999. Of special interest are the year by year volumes of mixes from DJ Extreme, all fully track listed I should add! So if it’s nostalgia, context or education you are after, you could do a lot worth than checking out


This month I was greeted by a copy of Futurepast Fanzine that found it’s way to my door mat. Futurepast is reading material for lovers of subversive music by lovers of subversive music. This months copy was funded by donations from those that value their musical musings in the physical. In Octobers issue we are treated to interviews with Betamax Heard, Mono_Sono, Foci’s Left and Paddy Tendergrass. This very publication also featured an interview last issue where Daat described myself as “A stand-up dude”… So we can all agree that Futurepast is all very reputable stuff!

EDJ History

While I’m talking about myself, I’m writing a weekly feature for exploring what I consider classic or important tracks from jungle drum & bass’ history. So far including Krust, Doc Scott, Photek and Deep Blue. It’s a subject I love, which doesn’t quite fall within Organic’s goals, so it’s found a more fitting home at EDJ! Here’s one I made earlier…


I shall leave you with something that was sent to us this week, no real comments for us to make, but worth watching as it’s pretty neat. Enjoy!