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The Best Of The Rest: Hardcore You Know The Score!

old skool rave

"O come all ye faithful..." Noooooo... Not yet. It's November silly! There is far too much going on to even start on Christmas yet. Here is our pick of internet tom foolery...

Here at Organic, while we are of course busy with the day to day running of our rag tag outfit, we, like most are easily distracted by the never ending conveyor belt of both useful and useless information the net has to offer.

This month we have just about managed to pull our over inflated heads out of our back ends long enough to fall in love with some original flavours. Taking you back on the original '91 to '93 attack. - I'm sure i've heard Everson Allen say that?

First up we have A kind of homage to the music of hardcore/ jungle yesteryear from those faithful to the sound. We've been using BTTOS to ID long lost tunes that disappeared into the broken tape cassette abyss at sometime during year 9 secondary school. Crunchy breakbeats, ragga samples and slightly iffy riffs... Harking back to when underground music was truly underground.

Did someone say Drum & Bass Awards? Unfortunately yes. Whatever drum & bass is suposed to be now, it has an award ceremony as voted for by the world's worst drugged up 16 year old self harmers. We would rather partake in this version: The lovely people over at EDJ hold an annual Alternative Drum & Bass Awards for those who have a clue... Thank fuck for that.

Our next jewel of the internet comes from our good friend and Organic family member... The man from Montreal, Jason Hockman. Writing music as Jason oS and as one half of Daat, Jason is also something of a brain box behind the scenes. Hardcore and jungle music being studied as legitimate historical genres, can you imagine such a thing? An analysis of the roots of our music creating a theoretical model to describe the subtleties, nuances and workings of early breakbeat hardcore, jungle and beyond. An automated identification of breakbeat origin and modification. It all sounds quite important doesn't it?

That's your lot! See you next month for more idle browsing...