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The Best Of The Rest: Red And Brown


Once again we take a voyage into the cyber doodles of the global infoweb, hand picking our favorites tit bits from the last few weeks...

Red and brown... Yes, the colours of autumn.

We are in the tidy cul de sac financially comfortable before the brutal bank battering session that is Christmas... Yes that's right we said Christmas in October, it's only a matter of time before you start hearing it everywhere from supermarkets to morning radio. The festive abuse starts here and now!

So while you ponder over which bread maker you want to buy your mum, let's round up the hot and the grot of recent internet diarrhea... That's sometimes red and brown too.

First up, we have one of our favorite northerners, Marcus Intalex. Be-at-tv is a tidy service providing a kind of online smutty peepshow with headline DJs. In this edition the rather smartly dressed Intalex rolls through some solid "right now" drum & bass, including one of our own Organic releases. That'll do us!

Next up is the video my girlfriend says she doesn't mind me watching over and over again, but really does... Consisting of New York female rappers Scotty Rebel and Tokyo Diiva, Rich White Ladies hipster chic meets booty clap. It should be crap but it works...

We like things homegrown and UK creative collective Ohh Deer is right up our street. The commercial outlet for a group a quirky illustrators, printing onto tees, crews and soft furnishings. If you're up for straying away from the fashion flock, it's not a bad place to go, modestly priced and prompt delivery. Organic approved!

Who remembers DJ Harmony? No? OK. He was a bit of a don back in the day and had quite a few big tunes on the Moving Shadow record label in the mid 90's. Well he has a Youtube channel now and he's taken the time to upload a whole load of unreleased dubplates from way back when... From stuff you know, to stuff you've never heard. SOme of it you can see why it didn't make release but some of it is gold.

More ways to waste hours online next time.