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The Best Of The Rest: Same Time Next Year


Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Osiris, Dionysus, Roy Ayers or even Jesus... What ever you call him, his birthday is coming up, so it's time to get in the mood with this months internet prime cuts.

This being the last "Best Of The Rest" for this year, I think it is only fitting I waffle on about the year that was...

This year we found out that DJ Sy was a naughty boy... And then that he wasn't really.
Drum & bass was dead... And then it wasn't (This happens every year).
Doc Scott didn't like drum & bass... And then he did again.
170 BPM music became further ambiguous and harder to define (This is a good thing by the way).
The Olympics came... And went.
And you survived another 12 months. Congratulations!

Let's look at this months hot bits of stuff. Thwoar!

DJ Bailey FABRICLIVE Studio Mix

Having come to the end of a long and comendable residency at BBC 1Xtra, I hope to continue to see DJ Bailey in full public view and with any luck even more so to compensate for his abscence from the airwaves. With this in mind, this studio mix for Fabric is a treat indeed. These days, I don't really know what liquid drum & bass is exactly, where it starts and where it ends. But if someone asks, I will point them in the direction of this. If it is going to be straight drum & bass, it needs to be really good to hold our attention at Organic HQ. Bailey does not disapoint. This takes me back to the days of Wednesday night Swerve at The End... Inta Inta!

The Drum & Bass Diaries

West Londoners Lucie Celia and Max Iseav have been rather busy of late, with a video series exploring the world of the drum and the bass appearing on my Youtube feed in a bite size weekly instalment each Sunday. So far they have explored an introduction, producers, MCs, creativity, and this week... The next generation... With appearances from the likes of Klute, Xtrah, Uncle Dugs, Storm and others it's a broad overview of the wider movement worth a weekly click or two.

People Just Do Nothing - How To MC Properly

If you have ever been a pirate DJ, then you probably know real life versions of MC Sniper and DJ Beats. Scarily believeable and convincingly tragic. Following thier popular Youtube series and subsequent BBC iPlayer pilot, Mixmag have now picked up the Kurupt FM gauntlet with this informative faux "how to"...

93 Feet East

London's 93 Feet East Club has long been the last chance saloon for weekend revellers dragging their self depreciating drug depravation through from saturday night well into Sunday afternoon. It would seem that the Metropolitan Police have taken an ill view of goings on as this amusing video surfaced recently. Let's look at the figures... 193 Police Officers. Dogs. A helicopter. A handful of Police vans... 9 arrests later a questionable use of tax payers money. Who ever decided to speed up the video is a comedy genius.

See you on the other side.