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Beta Who?

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Despite the less than complimentary title of "Beta Who?". This in fact in some sense, a homage to the drum & bass legend that is Dom Purcell...

Beta who?

Beta 2 AKA Dom Purcell is something of an anomaly within drum & bass. Having done what could be described as the classic drum & bass apprenticeship, working up through the ranks on labels like Reinforced, Metalheadz and Bassbin. Whereas he should be prolific, he has remained illusive.

A quick look through Beta 2’s discography starts at least to explain this peculiar phenomena… His releases are relatively few and far between, sometimes with 12 month gaps between singles, and lets not forget this is a guy who is not known primarily as a dj. Beta 2 is in many ways the stereotype underground producer, occasionally popping his head out of the water only to vanish into the depths before anyone is able to catch a good look. The Loch Ness monster of drum & bass… If you like?

Beta 2’s latest offering comes in the form of “Love Finds Me” featuring the vocals of Peter Josef. Released on CIA’s Deep Kut offshoot label, the single is although structurally predictable, a finely tuned piano and bass roller that feels good without being cheesy.

Much like a lot of Beta 2’s previous output, the single has a timeless quality that will allow it in years to come to stand up without loosing it’s integrity. What Beta 2 does isn’t necessarily about innovation or new ideas. What beta 2 has is finesse. “Love Finds Me” like most of Beta 2’s output is without fault, be it the beat structure or the mixdown, everything is just right. It’s not going to change the world, but it is going to make it a slightly better place.

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