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Beyond The Veil


A short time ago, a rather low key label called Veil released the vividly beautiful Synesthesia from Sam KDC. Now Veil returns with three of the deep's favorite sons.

What I know now that I didn't know then is that Veil is actually one of veteran producer ASC's offshoot labels. I remember thinking of Synesthesia that the label seemed very well presented and it would be a bit of a special effort for a newcomer label manager to have nailed it quite so accurately.

Now on it's second outing, Veil returns with three of today's true maestros; ASC, Synkro and Sam KDC. Pairing off on tracks as ASC & Synkro and ASC & Sam KDC respectively, this EP is a tale of joint efforts and a joint vision. Listening to the tracks, it's hard not to attribute certain elements to individuals, a Synkro kick here, some ASC drum programming there, but the truth is you can never really know. What we can all agree on is that each release to come from this group of artist seems to raise the bar further each time. It's a corner of electronic music that if you follow is absolutely pivotal, whereas to the rest of the world it just passes them by. It's by this justification that we seem to be featuring ASC so heavily at the moment, but if we are honest it is too good not to cover.

Opening with the retro monologue of ASC & Synkro's "Computer Love" and cascading into a more than future tumbling arrangement of drums and maintained bass, the EP starts as it means to continue; a voyeuristic insight into the delicate nuances of modern drum & bass, emotive and ecclectic. Expressive amd eccentric while maintaining balance.

Leading into "Planet X", a robotic arpegiator tinkles into oblivion while pads build from the distance to the fore ahead of a military precision beat that binds the arrangement. There is a definite feel that ASC took the lead on this one, maybe a signature in the groove or a clue in the arrangement. Certainly the track that immediatley demands your attention "Planet X" has an inherent rhythm to it that gives club credentials that are qualified my the involuntery head nod it immediately induces.

Replacing Synkro with Sam KDC, "Sonder" is an altogether more agressive affair. Instigating a bassline that meanders in amongst itself like some kind of musical cross stitch while a pulsating pad balances the powerful dynamic against something more serene. The use of a slightly overbearing snare realizes the rhythm set out by the bass. Forget cyber-punk, this is cyber-funk.

Concluding the EP is ASC & Sam KDC's "Blue Sun". Where the finale differs from the preceding three tracks is that it makes no attempt to appease the dance floor. This is atmospheric, cinematic and panoramic... But for the club it is not. Slow changes and the intelligent use of repetition are the key ingredients for this final tour de force. ASC is the godfather when it comes to this motif, he should be! He's been doing it alot longer than most of his peers. What Sam KDC brings to the table is a fresh approach and an almost prodigal ability to translate emotion into musical form.

Veil is a label that was originally shrouded with a layer of mystery. As more information has presented itself, the label has become more pronounced. Although only on the second release, it comes from the same stable as some of the most consistent imprints at this end of the spectrum and across two 12"s has clearly announced it's direction.