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The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland


When you think about Finland, you may not initially think of drum & bass. True as this is, there is infact talent bubbling under the surface. We check out "The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland".

Can drum & bass be patriotic? Would it be too outlandish to set the national anthem against a 170 BPM breakbeat? Sounds like it might be the soundtrack to a BNP night out doesn’t it? Not good.

However, when you are not in the UK and there isn’t a wealth of talent producing drum & bass, maybe as the resistance you need to shout about it? Celebrate the rogue artists practicing the sciences of breaks and bass.

This in essence the effect of Fanu and Lightless Recordings’ latest offering, “The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland Volume 1”. Looking at the artist roster you quickly realize that Finland isn’t the drum & bass abyss you may have assumed. Artists like Resound, Trisector and of course Fanu (Who doesn’t actually appear in the track listing) have been holding their own for years. Additionally you’re musical taste buds get to sample some more underground and lesser known artists such as Noetic Nodus, Fistfunk , Subsense and Yagura.

On this occasion the breakbeat term is being used as an umbrella for a wider definition of drum & bass, tracks like Defo’s “Culture” and Noetic Nodus’ “Nemesis” don’t feature breaks at all while Esc & Subsense’s remix of Mineral’s “Living The Dream” and Yagura’s “Genesis” break out fully.

Fistfunk’s “Raindance” is a particular stand out track, combining tribal rhythm and a less familiar galloping beat to great effect. If you caught his break heavier EP previously on Lightless you’ll be able to appreciate the diversity shown here. Between Nuance’s “Africa”, Yagura’s “Halo” and Bad Loop's “Ollaan Hiljaa” The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland explores the siblings and cousins of drum & bass, reducing the tempo while still staying true to the vein that runs through the album.

I’m not sure if patriotism and drum & bass should go well together or not, or in a wider context what that actually means. What I can be fairly sure of is that you have to represent your roots and know where you’re coming from, which can often give you a clue as to where you are going.

The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland

Track Listing

01. Mineral - Living The Dream (Esc & Subsense_Remix)
02. Defo - Culture
03. Yagura - Genesis
04. Noetic Nodus - Nemesis
05. Fistfunk - Raindance
06. Below - Explorer Zero
07. Resound And Mineral - Uncertain Soundscapes
08. Nuance - Africa
09. Out Of Fuel - Sneaky
10. Recue - Get It Started
11. Trisector And Infader - Chaos Engine
12. Subsense - Movin
13. Yagura - Halo
14. Bad Loop - Ollaan Hiljaa