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Cede - Visualizing Music


In recent music history, the nature in which we consume music has broadened and diversified. The presentation of physical music has always been and still remains an important part of the final product. Look through the iconic works of the last 40 years and often you will see it accompanied by Iconic artwork… We even wear T-shirts with our favorite albums on them. Offshore Recordings is no exception.

With unique style and visual aesthetic the imprint has developed it’s own Iconology. This is largely due to the visual works of Jakob Russell Haglof, or you may know him better as Cede. Being the mastermind behind much of the labels label artwork, Cede has returned to the fold for OSRORG001, the latest 12” in collaboration with Organic.

"I've been doing art for a long time. I started drawing when I was about 4 and kept at it ever since. I got into design later on when I was in high school and that seemed like the natural career choice. Since then I have broadened things a bit and work with animation, video and software too. I have a studio called Pajamahouse that I do all my work through. Our most recent project was this hilarious app thats hybrid game / cartoon called Desi Leaves Town. Its a good example of all my interests and work coming together in one package."

Given a loose brief of a post apocalyptic world under water, Cede expanded the concept bringing in his own influences and source materials. For us at the Offshore and Organic, it was really important that we had the nature of the collaboration expressed visually, while still allowing Cede room to interpret the music freely. The artwork had to be "real" and not contrived in any way. The visual concept had to marry the label art with the tracks themselves almost as a setting to which the music could take place.

“For the Offshore / Organic collaboration I saw it as an exchange of ideas. Design wise I immediately thought of currency and currency exchange. I wanted to create something that looked like money that would be used in a world that was overtaken by water. And it was a great way to include iconic elements that represented each location.”

Cede continues;

“Offshore's artwork has always been like the music put out by the label. It has always followed it’s own path regardless of the current trends and in this way helps it feel more timeless. I think Brett has always been interested in commissioning visuals that are unique and eye catching. And even though the themes change that thinking is always behind each design."

"For a collaboration that thinking is there as well, but the series needs to stand apart and compliment everyone involved. With Offshore and Organic I think we have achieved a good balance and am excited to continue the series.”

Much like the music, OSRORG001’s artwork is in part the sum of original influences recreated and reconstructed into something new. Taking the trends that have evolved through the labels history and building a hybrid that brings together both Offshore and Organic…

“Aesthetically inspiration can be found in anything, but for me I am really into art, design and reference books. I have a whole book on the development of art for currency that came in handy for OSRORG001."

"As far as working with Brett and OSR it seems like our collaboration and work has become more natural. Over the years we have developed a better understanding of what Offshore design should be. So now its less trying out ideas and more executing something that immediately makes sense.”

Cede has strong opinions about the physical formats, especially when talking about vinyl.

“I think that artwork has a huge impact on physical music. Now more than ever. In a time where most people are buying MP3s record art and packaging needs to be really strong to justify the extra cost of spending extra."

"The labels that are still doing vinyl seem to be stepping things up. The art quality is increasing, and limited edition releases are more popular as well. Its a great time for me because I have always preferred vinyl for all the genres I like."

"These are the things I take into consideration when designing. What would I be happy to see on my own shelf? I would be happy seeing OSRORG001 there.”

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