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Daat - 1999


Straight outta Montreal, we check out Detuned Transmissions, the latest project from production collective Daat.

Detuned Transmissions is the brand new brainchild of Montreal’s Jason oS, one half of Daat. With it’s roots in a city famed for experimental electronica the label surely offers a new perspective of modern Drum & Bass.

After a blistering series of releases on Offshore Recordings and Mjazz, Daat return accompanied by Dominic Ridgway for the first release from the new Detuned Transmissions.

Drawing influence from a post apocalyptic vision of Montreal, “1999” delivers a sonically disturbing bass pastiche coupled with crisp analogue percussion. A haunting vocal sets the scene for the low end workout that follows.

“The year is 1999, gangs have taken control… There is no law.”

“Crashes” follows “1999” like a calm ocean after a storm. Soothing pads cascade over a reassuringly warm bassline and rhythmic beats. Both Daat and Dominic Ridgway’s respective production styles come together cohesively for a track that keeps on giving. A statement 12” and a greatly promising new label.

Support from Rinse FM’s DJ Flight, Tony Justice, Silent Dust and Organic.

“We created Detuned Transmissions as an outlet for our solo and collaborative efforts with other artists in 170 BPM electronic music, oftentimes infusing elements from other genres. I don't believe it’s ever been our intention to blur genre boundaries, but it’s our DIY production aesthetic and influences that result in music that doesn't fit neatly into individual genres.” – Daat

Daat / Daat & Dominic Ridgway - "1999" / "Crashes" is out on 12" vinyl and digital on 16/9/13.