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DAAT Live In London


Transatlantic production outfit DAAT are performing a rare UK live performance at Rye Wax in just a few weeks, Organic checks in with the guys to find out more.

On 23rd October DAAT land in London to perform at One.Seventy using ‘AH-64A’, their new and completely unique mixing system. Promising to explore the absolute cusp of 170 BPM possibilities, the duo are together in a rare performance that sees both members not only on the same continent but in the same room.

DAAT, consisting of Jason oS and Joe Mnemonic have been crafting and refining the live system for some time now and feel it is now ready to unleash at One.Seventy. Joe tells us more:

“AH-64A is a mixing system we built in Max/MSP and Live. It's a refinement of the kind of mixing setup that we had been using during our performances and mixes in 2015 and 2016. The idea is that it allows us to create a virtual radio station where we can combine tracks, live broadcasts, simulated radio channels and audio effects in a modular way to suit a given set. It has streamlined our equipment needs and therefore has opened up space for exploration of interactive tracks.”

DAAT have been known to introduce all sorts of weird and wonderful additions to their performance and have been spotted including radio receivers for authentic interference and distortion, but are keeping the specifics of the setup close to their chests until the event itself. What is for sure though, is that it will play on their established themes of transmission, reception and interception.

The act of performing in this way while a technical pursuit, has become a philosophical endeavour also. Jason tells us more:

“Although AH-64A is a performance tool written for a particular software, it is better understood as the interface between ourselves and a machine whose properties are unknown - a machine with whom we have been connected since before we knew it existed. You could think of AH-64A as a room inside this machine. The room keeps changing and we cannot know the consequences of our interactions except to become more part of the thing that we try to understand.”

You can catch DAAT performing live at One.Seventy on 23rd October.

For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE