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‘LVL5’ is the culmination of a year of live shows, creative growth and a musical breach into philosophical discourse through the medium of sound.

In 2015 DAAT embarked on a journey that would change both the way they make and perform music. Opting for an environmental process over a traditional timeline led approach to music creation DAAT have fine tuned a new methodology. In part dictated by technological advances, while reinforced by philosophical interpretations of the human experience of time. This new approach is responsible for both their live show and their latest 4 track 'LVL5' EP.

Where DAAT's previous work has seen them teetering on the edge of Drum & Bass, 'LVL5' sees the duo departing into altogether more ambiguous and murky waters. From '010005' alongside stable mate Books' panoramic offshore blitzkrieg to the moving tempo and subsequent climax of 'Metal Heart', the EP is in effect the record of a year in development. If you like, a residue of the living experiences of its creators.

"We've intentionally put ourselves in a state where anything can happen, and there can be any outcome." - DAAT

In an environment of real world conditions, creative control becomes less of an absolute. The properties of the space, be it real or virtual define the reaction to any causality. At this point a blur occurs. Is the artist reacting to environment, or the environment to the artist?

DAAT 'LVL5' is out now on Detuned Transmissions. Buy now HERE