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Daat - Orange Line

Brett Cleaver

It's that time again! We are proud to drop the latest installment of the Offshore/ Organic collab 12" series... This time only lovely sticky orange vinyl!

Photo by Graham Bradley



New York’s premier experimental drum & bass imprint, Offshore Recordings, teams with London’s left of centre 170 bpm music tastemaker, Organic, to present the OSRORG series. The two combine mutual musical vision with a joint exploration of the subversive sounds. The creative essence of both New York and London are captured in this transatlantic collaboration - showcasing true urban breakbeat culture.

Daat - "Orange Line"

Newcomers Daat bring a serene piece of music just in time for summer. One half of the duo, Jason oS, is no stranger to lush pads and beats with releases on Modern Urban Jazz and Counter Intelligence. A catchy lead line and moody atmospheres are rooted atop a heavy 808 kick drum. Think of the musical marriage of David Lynch and 170 bpm, with a brooding baseline to keep it all grounded.
Graham Bradley

Daat - "Orange Line (Deep Blue Remix)"

Before you ask, yes, it's "Deep Blue", Deep Blue. The legend has come out of retirement to bless us with this amazing remix. He completely deconstructs the elements from the original and filters them through a completely different style. Deep Blue combines a collage of smooth glacial textures with hypnotic driving beats re-arranging the DNA of the original track. Techno nuances at 170 bpm.

Daat - "Orange Line"/ Daat - "Orange Line (Deep Blue Remix)" is available now! Just click HERE

Released 20/08/2012 on 12” Orange Vinyl and Digital.
Distributed by ST Holdings