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Deep Endeavours


Vinyl remains the gold standard when it comes to releasing music. But who are the labels to watch in 2017? Here's our pick of deep 170 labels to keep an eye on.


Headed by LCP, re:st has been releasing absolutely cutting edge 170 BPM deepness since 2014, establishing their own camp of home grown artists while head hunting the best abstract producers in the game. Attention to detail is absolutely key to re:st’s success with super limited vinyl runs, hand stamped and finished vinyl and A&R that is second to none. Up next is the stunning ‘Outland EP’ from Hungary’s Ghost Warrior.

Groundwork Recordings

Projekt 22’s Groundwork Recordings could best be described as “art at all costs”. Surrounding himself with a super selective crowd of artists, Projekt 22 has built a 170 BPM cult that includes multi-instrumentalists NoiD and straight up noise head Paragon. Releasing music on a mix of formats, the next 12” comes from Paragon followed by a cassette tape EP from Entire.


Is Soul Intent trying to start an empire? Having successfully released his own ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ LP early this year on Lossless Music, he now finds himself at the head of offshoot sister labels Dope Plates and Exkursions, the latter of which we will talk about. Now on its second vinyl outing we see the label enlist Concealed Identity to remix ‘No Answers’. Backed with ‘Zahir’ from Concealed Identity and Odyssia’s ‘Tribes’, the record makes for a prime slice of futurism with a gentle nod to the past.


Manchester Drum & Bass stalwarts Antagonist and Fortune have recently launched their own Discipline imprint and if the first release is anything to go by, it is well worth keeping a keen eye on. Launching with Antagonist’s own ‘Planetary’ and ‘Life in All Forms’ we are treated to some text book big-boy Drum & Bass. Rolling breaks, metallic percussion and swooning pads. From what we hear the next few releases are pencilled in from both Antagonist and Fortune so we will be keeping a keen eye on the camp.