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Detuning The Transmission


DAAT's latest 12" single "Fridge" / "Apache" drops later this month, and has already been causing a stir winning the supporting of Rinse FM's DJ Flight and BBC's Rob Da Bank... Time to check it out...

DAAT, Montreal’s most dynamic musical duo, return to the fold with another slice of futuristic sonic soundscaping. Representing the next step in the evolution of their own Detuned Transmissions imprint, both “Fridge” and “Apache” take us deeper than ever before into DAAT’s world. A tantalising preview of DAAT’s long-awaited HVAC LP later in 2014.

True to its namesake, “Fridge” isn’t moving an inch for anyone. Obnoxiously aggressive and all the better for it, the disruptive bass tones and mechanical yearnings of the track cast a despotic shadow that cannot be ignored.

“Apache” is the music from the opening scene of the greatest cyberpunk film that never was. Cast aside any pretenders, DAAT have sent another transmission from the not-so-distant future, and the outlook is bleak. For those that believe in music beyond the dancefloor, this is for you.

DAAT - "Fridge" / "Apache" is out on Detuned Transmissions on 26/05/14.