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Download Jason oS - "Love & Hate" for FREE


Following the massive "1999" and "Crashes" Daat and Detuned Transmissions' Jason oS digs an unreleased Organic favourite out of the vaults to download for free...

Here at Organic we have serious man love issues when it comes to Jason oS and Daat. Whether it be their consistently developed take on drum & bass production or there exploratory radio sessions, these guys always get our heads nodding. Rocking out of Montreal, Jason oS has a sound that although he would probably hate to admit it, embodies the city's rich history in electronica. When I hear a Daat or Jason oS tune, I don't even see it as drum & bass, rather really solid electronic music that happens to be at a certain tempo. Jason himself coined a term that I know regularly use and perfectly describes his own sound; Emotive electronics at 170 BPM.

"Love and Hate is the first in a series of free releases from Detuned Transmissions that we're going to do before our next vinyl release. While the tune holds sentimental value for me, it was written a few years ago now, I'm not a fan of letting these things accumulate." - Jason oS

Download below: