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Dubplate Fever


"Give me a dubplate. And mek me mash dem down..." Or so the song goes, but what is really doing damage across the scene in the clubs and raves? We check in with Kasra, SCAR, McLeod and Silent Dust.

Kasra [Critical Music]

As the A&R machine behind Critical Music, it goes without saying that Kasra is going to have some heavy artillery in is arsenal. On this occasion he doesn't disappoint giving us plenty of bangers to keep an eye out for.

1. Mefjus & Emperor - Disrupted
2. Enei Feat MC DRS - Goliath
3. Ivy Lab - Gomesia
4. Enei - Hotplate
5. Fracture - Loving Touch
6. Spectrasoul - Ben
7. Stray - Eazy Boy
8. S.P.Y - Jelly Belly
9. Ed Rush - Scarabs
10. Foreign Concept & Enei - Untitled

SCAR (Survival & Script) [Dispatch Recordings]

The collaborative project between Survival and Script, SCAR have plenty of forthcoming music on Dispatch Recordings and also Metalheadz. No nonsense dancefloor music.

1.SCAR - So Suddenly
2. DLR, Need For Mirrors & HLZ - Totem
3. SCAR - Dank
4. FD - Ice
5. SCAR - Twice Shy
6. Survival - Dub Soldier VIP
7. DLR & Script - Blue Room (Ft Martyna Baker)
8. SCAR - Old Time Metal
9. Ivy Lab & Hydro - Make It Clear (Ft Frank Carter III)
10. SCAR - When

Silent Dust [none60]

With SIna's "All Alone" dropping on 24th March, Silent Dust also include their own remix and a remix of Nuage & N4m3's "Sunday Morning" in their top 10 dubs. Also well worth checking out is their new podcast on their Soundcloud page at the link above.

1. Gaunt - Piranha
2. Oliver Yorke - Into the Void
3. Sina - All Alone (Silent Dust Remix)
4. Sinistarr - Time To Think
5. Tim Reaper - My Own Flying Island
6. Fre4knc - Marching Cube VIP
7. Soul Intent v Bjork - All Is Full of Love
8. Nuage & N4M3 - Sunday Morning (Silent Dust Remix)
9. Thing - Future Roots
10. Chango - OHG (Iyer VIP)

McLeod [Warm Communications]

Regular sparing partner of Villem, McLeod keeps appearing on our radar here at Organic, so we thought it would be a good idea to find out what he was feeling at the moment.

1. Villem & McLeod - Borrowed Love
2. Villem & McLeod - Thinking I'm Yours
3. DLR - Bridge The Gap
4. Villem & Mcleod - Putting Down Roots
5. Mako , DLR & Fields - Old Soul
6. Villem, Mako & McLeod - Inner Revolution
7. Villem & McLeod - Only For U
8. Villem & Mako - We Could Help Each Other
9. Villem & McLeod - Dutch Oven
10. Dabs & Cern - Hellrose (Villem & McLeod Remix)

Who's metaphorical record box would you like to go through next month? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.