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Dubplate Fever


Once again we rifle through the record bags of some of drum & bass' most illustrious front runners. This month it is the turn of Jubei, Prolix, Abstract Elements and Kian Asamoah.

Jubei [Metalheadz]

Bathing in the glories of a successful debut LP on Metalheadz, Jubei has also contributed a deadly collaboration with Consequence to Platinum Breakz Vol 4 in the form of "Black Hornet". An Organic favourite and true technician at the controls, his top 10 dubs do not dissapoint.

1. System - Optix
2. Stray - Award Tour
3. Chroma - Sovereign
4. Marcus Intalex - Stifled
5. Blocks & Escher - Moods
6. dBridge & Alix Perez - If You
7. Jubei & DRS - The Puppeteer
8. Lenzman - Empty Promise (Jubei Remix)
9. Ulterior Motive - Forgiven / Lost Contact VIP
10. Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Runaway feat Fox

Prolix [Trendkill]

Trendkill's top bossman Prolix is in our opinion one of the go-to-guys for techy rollers. In what is likely one of the most technically demanding sub-sets of drum & bass, only the most tech savvy and studio able can cut it. Amongst those ranks Prolix sits firmly.

1. Prolix - Set The Place On Fire
2. Audio - Foodchain
3. Noisia & Prolix - Asteroids
4. Gridlok & Prolix - Membrane VIP (Metalbrane)
5. Borderline - Complication
6. Mob Tactics - Wolf Trap VIP
7. Misanthrop - Rotor
8. Prolix & Meth - Next Level
9. Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary VIP
10. Gridlok & Prolix - Slingshot Remix

Abstract Elements [Kos.Mos.Music]

I was going to write something complimentary here but the spiel on their own Soundcloud account is much better; "A collaboration between two sexy russian producers: Bop (aka Boble, Bopneck, Sponge Bop) and Diagram (aka Diagonal, Diafilm, Viagram). They have releases on such Labels as Exit, Alphacut, Kos.Mos.Music and blah blah blah... Also their music is fucking awesome." All true...

1. Abstract Elements - Buckwheatfunk
2. Gamma - Untitled (Bugblips)
3. Bop - Spiral
4. Abstract Elements & Detail - Wrecked
5. Dissident - Release Me From Space
6. Abstract Elements - PMS!!!
7. Godfather Sage x First Aid - A Better Day (Mendelayev Remix)
8. Abstract Elements - 99
9. Eastcolors - Chords
10. Torn - Black Ego

Kian Asamoah [Noisy Meditation]

Before the fanboy need-to-know crew race to Google search Kian Asamoah, he is infact Godfather Sage, or at least he was! Now entering the next stage of his career he has opted to work under his real name. A top notch guy and stalwart of the US scene, Kian always has the latest cuts quick to hand...

1. Tim Reaper - The 4th
2. Rainforest - Photosynthesis
3. Ziyal - Mindtravel
4. Kian & Ludvig - Refuge
5. Pause Cuts - Ass Eye
6. Slickshoota - Keep Bussin' (Om Unit remix)
7. Queensway - The Untitled
8. Mendelayev - Spring Day
9. Parallel - The Banana Peel
10. Crix - Just A Saying (Friske remix)

Who's metaphorical record box would you like to go through next month? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.