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Dyl - Tabula Peutingeriana EP


Dyl's 'Tabula Peutingeriana' EP has just dropped on Hangout Music, a three track triumph on beautiful marbled turquoise vinyl. The EP marks 3 years since the labels birth and some of Dyl's best work to date.

Strictly limited to 200 copies on 180 gram vinyl, the EP is a celebration of Hangout Music's growth and incapsulates the passion, dedication and belief that is so synonymous with the vinyl format.

Dyl has slowly but surely been establishing himself as a key player in the post Autonomic 170 BPM movement that has created its own lane parallel to Drum & Bass. Taking a listen to the Source.Echo or Vykhod Sily podcasts you will struggle not to come into contact with his work. In a sub-scene that has found its own identity and developed into a well defined movement, Dyl has marked himself as an innovative front runner.

The track names on the 'Tabula Peutingeriana' EP are reassuringly cryptic, maintaining all of the mystery and allure of the tracks '22', '1010101' and 'P329' alongside Mono. Opening the EP, '22' is a thunderous ode to high torque mechanics, a tonal barrage on the senses. Simply put, it's rowdy. A combination of high powered percussion and what sounds like the intermittent releasing of pressure from a colossal steam driven machine. '010101' drags the listener away from the dancefloor, placing you firmly in a binary Ouiji awakening. There is an intrusive quality to the track, an acoustic migraine, whispered voices cross the boundary of your ears and feel entirely internal - Scary stuff.

"It's about creative freedom, which means evolution. Removing the musical borders between genres can bring you something new and unique." - Dyl

'P329' alongside production partner Mono draws you back to the fore with a clicky sub driven tribal workout which brings the EP together as a triplicate. Three works juxtaposed, dividing and unifying the sound in equal measure.

One of the ailments we suffer from collectively at this end of the 170 BPM spectrum is the lack of music that makes it on to vinyl, so it is really powerful when such an accomplished release makes its way to the format, especially on such a beautiful slab of turquoise marbled wax! There are only 200 copies available, so get over to the Hangout Music Bandcamp page and show your support. 100% Organic recommended.

"When I see my work on vinyl it is like touching with my hands some parts of my soul, of my thoughts. Physical releases gives you as an artist a nice and unique experience. Music on vinyl is forever, vinyl or any physical releases are like pages from a musical bible." - Dyl

The 'Tabula Peutingeriana' EP by Dyl is out now on Hangout Music