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Neal Sherwood

Following a number of strong releases and unique collaborations, we take a closer look at the artist Entire and his experimental output.

Poland’s Entire is a burgeoning force in the dark, electronic arts. The young producer has displayed an aptitude for capturing cinematic moods regardless of genre, with recent excursions into Ambient, Techno, and Dubstep, alongside continued exploration of the 170 BPM landscape. When he isn’t churning out original productions, he’s contributing sophisticated cross-genre mixes, managing promotional platforms such as the Come Meditate project, and even organizing events with Poznan’s NSA crew. His qualitative output is impressive, and he’s seemingly three steps ahead of the crowd in terms of genre dismissive experimentation, and appreciation.

Whether he’s creating stark, industrial rhythms or beatless noise, his music often emphasizes a keen ability to harness developing, emotive ambience. For instance, the bouncing, mechanical 'Creation Error'. This train ride through hell begins with galloping, metallic percussion and nightmarish effects that conjure up images of a barrel fires and industrial wastelands, but the brooding, melancholy pads that emerge are somehow even more sinister. It’s a relentless, frightening symphony rooted in an experienced appreciation for dark, deranged rhythms. His recently self released Turkus EP shows further control over evolving, ambient moods, and his collaborative project Murmur (alongside Paragon) provides a deep exploration of layered noise and ambience, complete with droning effects, hissing distortion, and cryptic song titles. Both EP’s are cohesive and thoughtful, like soundtracks for a vision that only the artists can see.

I'm not focused on any particular genre. What is constant about my approach, is that I'm usually trying to work on experiments that have a story behind them, and which don't fall under typical genre structures and patterns. - Entire

The Come Meditate project, a joint effort between Entire and CrissNSA, originally started as a personal Youtube channel for sharing deep Drum & Bass sounds, but it has since evolved into a flourishing mix series that consistently provides first-rate guest mixes from emerging artists of all styles. The CM Soundcloud declares “Not just deep. The deepest”, and with nearly 30 diverse episodes under their belts, it’s hard to argue. Entire credits the project as an important aspect of his musical involvement, and one that he will continue to focus on, which is fantastic news for the rest of us.

A second growing list is that of his collaboration partners. He’s recently worked with the likes of Dyl, Projekt 22, Neurosplit, and the aforementioned Paragon; all unique producers in their own right who continue to bend and twist the 170 BPM framework when not ignoring it completely. It’s become quite clear that interesting things happen whenever he’s involved, and with more releases, mixes, and collaborations planned for the near future, Entire deserves your attention.