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On the 28th of January Escher makes his One.Seventy debut. As one half of production outfit Blocks & Escher, he finds himself at the business end of a imminent album release due on Metalheadz. Drum & Bass still has something to say.

Escher's production credits trace right back to 2006, and really kick off from 2009 onwards. Over a decade in the dance and part of a tiny family of artists who have managed to produce a full length album for Metalheadz, he has his stripes.

The original blueprint Drum & Bass sound is in our blood, it has been for years, we can’t escape it so it’s not a conscious decision to include it. But we add a new twist and bring it to the new age. - Escher

Alongside Blocks Escher has produced a wealth of music that exudes a deep reverence to long held Drum & Bass fundamentals. An understanding of breakbeat expression and awareness of the space between things. A certain use of tone and texture is immediately clear, as Escher would comment himself his 'sharp and spiky' sound contrasts to the relatively smoother dynamic that Blocks brings to the table.

Drum & Bass is stylistically such a huge genre now, it’s completely different end to end. This is great but can also be a weakness. But I think you need both sides to help create counter-movements. The more underground side of it is thriving and some genuinely incredible sounds are evolving at the moment. - Escher

On the 28th January Escher is joined at One.Seventy by DAAT (Live), Books, Intakx and Projekt 22. It all takes place at London's Rye Wax and is the promotions first event of the year.

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