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dj hazard fabriclive 65

It’s almost the end of summer, and as we prepare to swap our mesh caps for tea cosies something out of our comfort zone lands on the desk. It’s the latest FABRICLIVE mix from DJ Hazard. We had better have a listen…

About 2 months ago a friend of mine and I were sat in a North London pub waffling on about drum & bass. Amongst the waffle was talk about Organic covering the more, shall we say, dance floor side of the genre…

One of the names that kept coming up was that of DJ Hazard. Now, whatever you think of the jump up scene and its connotations both positive and negative, there are some guys behind the controls in the studio who have serious engineering finesse. Hazard falls into this category. So when Fabric asked us if we wanted to review the latest FABICLIVE mixed by the man himself, we had to see what it was all about…

The mix is reassuringly raw… No loop trickery, no clever editing, just wall to wall bangers. 50 of them to be exact all squeezed onto one CD. Having not listened to jump up in any qualified sense for years I took on the selection with reasonably open ears. From an entirely technical perspective, Hazards own productions are the highlights and they play a staring role. From the entirely offensive “It’s A Secret” to off step thumpers like “Meen Time” and “Ramblers”. I was pleasantly surprised I must admit by the relative diversity.

"I wanted the mix to represent how I play in a club; I also wanted the mix to have a live feel to it so the mix was done in one take so that any mistakes could be heard; just two CDJs, a mixer and plenty of coffee." – DJ Hazard

I even found myself questioning my own ignorance towards the wider palette of textures within drum & bass… Had I maybe missed a trick here? Possibly, I’m stil not sure. Other solid contributions come from Ray Keith with the jungle diva reese roll out “Deeper Love”, text book Ray keith really. Joe Seven’s “Untitled Monotron” and Lynx’s “Midnight Funk” serve to further narrow the gap between the opposing dipoles of drum & bass, respectively echoing Johny L’s “Piper” and Full Cycle millenium funk experimentation.

Another producer who caught our ear here was Konichi… After a bit of research we found out that Konichi, one half of the also featured Annix is a young guy from Gloucestershire. His “Tools Of The Trade” is one of the mix’s standout tracks for us. Grimey squeezed out bass squelches, stop/ start rhythm and snares that split your ears like a shard of glass.

"I tried to use as many new producers as possible and I also tried to get as much exclusive unreleased music as I could to try and make the CD as fresh as possible." - DJ Hazard

Almost 10 years since his first DJ set at Fabric, this is probably the right time for Hazard to do his thing for the FABRICLIVE series. If it were anyone else from the jump up end of drum & bass would I be listening so favourably? Maybe not, he is someone we have a bit of a soft spot for… The only thing the mix could be missing? A Heist tune! But you can’t have it all… This one has passed through our arguably pretentious ears unscathed, and I think we are better for it…


01. DJ Hazard - Never The Same [Playaz]
02. Phace & Misanthrop - Progression [Neosignal]
03. DJ Devize - Shock Time [3D Mode]
04. Tyke - Vice Squad [Radius]
05. Dialogue & Total Recall - Fox Bite [Radius]
06. Tyke - Buzzards [Grid]
07. Boosta & Atmos T - Where You At [Radius]
08. DJ Hazard - Cherry Bomb [Playaz]
09. Noisia - Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix) [Mau5trap]
10. DJ Hazard - Time Tripping [Playaz]
11. DJ Hazard - Air Guitar [Playaz]
12. Malachai & Voltage - A Bunch Of Fives [Radius]
13. Bass Brothers - Mr Jungle (Hazard’s Exclusive VIP) [Easy]
14. Ray Keith - Deeper Love [Dread]
15. Sub Zero - Your Flex VIP [Playaz]
16. Taxman - Cool It Judy [Playaz]
17. Konichi - Engulfer [Radius]
18. DJ Hazard - Do Without You [Playaz]
19. Annix - Ghetto Blaster [Radius]
20. DJ Rowney - Cheek Of It [Radius]
21. DJ Hazard - Ramblers [Playaz]
22. DJ Hazard - Meen Time [Playaz]
23. Konichi - Tools Of The Trade [Muzik Hertz]
24. Decimal Bass - All In [Muzik Hertz]
25. DJ Hazard - It's A Secret [Playaz]
26. DJ Devize & Shookz feat. MC Blu-Bomma - Coming In Stealth [Playaz]
27. Boosta & Atmos T - Delinquent [Muzik Hertz]
28. Retronym - They're Not Human [Radius]
29. Joe Seven - Untitled Monotron [Exit]
30. DJ Devize - X-Groove [3D Mode]
31. P.A - Iron Fingers [Radius]
32. Annix - Unnatural Element VIP [Animated]
33. DJ Hazard & D Minds - Mr Happy (DJ Hazard VIP) [Playaz]
34. Dirty Harry - Watch Ya Teeth [Playaz]
35. Origin & Cabbie - Sharade [Subway Soundz]
36. DJ Devize - Squash Dem [3D Mode]
37. Konichi - Signol Smoke [Radius]
38. Lynx - Midnight Funk [Playaz]
39. Taxman - Cop Killa [Playaz]
40. FuntCase - Let's Go [Maximum Boost]
41. Dirty Harry - Badman [Playaz]
42. Mampi Swift - Gangster [Charge]
43. Noisia & Spor - Falling Through [Vision]
44. DJ Hazard - Hand In Hand [Playaz]
45. Decimal Bass - Reefa Tactics [Radius]
46. Level 2 - Red Note [V Recordings]
47. DJ Hazard - Foodfight VIP [Playaz]
48. Gerra & Stone - Droneheads (Octane & DLR Remix) [Alignment]
49. Decimal Bass - Hypnotise [Radius]
50. DJ Hazard - Mark Q [Playaz]

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Photo by Jimmy Mould

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