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Featuring: Sam KDC

sam kdc organic

We check out the next act lined up for our 4th May event in London... Auxiliary's cool operator, Sam KDC.

What can we say about Sam? He is someone we always seems to come back to, a constant presence in the music that we follow. When we first met Sam several years ago he was a young producer on the cusp of becoming a releasing artist. Fast forward 4 years and he is one of the key players on ASC's Auxiliary imprint. Where much drum & bass lacks real emotion, Sam's music is drenched with it. Be it euphoria, melancholy, a sense of nostalgia or liberation, Sam's music is from the heart.

"I think it was apparent very early on that my strengths lie in the emotion of music, rather than the science, so this is what I spent time working on, to the point where it was strong enough to cover up my less than able technical skills. This is something that I’ve advised anyone who is starting out in their own musical venture before; take your time, learn your craft, and then when you come through, you’re on the front foot to take it where you want.

When I started sending music to people I was already confident that it was not only just of a releasable standard, but something worth releasing, something that would have a bit of shelf life. Music that would mean something to people, not just another throwaway tune. Doc Scott was part of a very small group of people that I shared my music with, and he understood it enough to give it a home." - Sam KDC

We are proud to once again present Sam KDC.

Full event details below. See you on the dance floor!


BLOCKS [Narratives]
SAM KDC [Auxiliary]
JOE SEVEN [Exit Records]
EMPIRE [Space Cadets]
+Organic residents

Location London
Club/ Venue Hysteria Dalston
Address 578 Kingsland Road, Dalston, London, E8 4AH
Entry £5

Promoter Organic
Time 2100 - 0200
Date 04/05/13

Tickets available at: