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Ficticious Frequencies

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A short while ago I put the idea out there of yet to be realized or completely imagined remixes of classic drum & bass tracks through Facebook and Twitter... Let us ponder "what if?".

It would be true to say that sometimes, the classics are best left alone. We are all too familiar with the occasional under cooked rework or misjudged remix. But it would be understandable that maybe sometimes an idea looks better on paper and maybe sounds better in your head than the final execution may achieve... It is at this point I am willing to pull the breaks... Explore the "what if" or "imagine if". Maybe it is enough just to imagine how good a remix can be...

JMJ & Ritchie - Universal Horn (Fracture Jungle Juke Remix)
Although not the originator of the sound, Fracture is probably the most prominent figure in the latest wave of jungle juke. The combination of 808 drums, hip hop rolls and classic jungle samples is quite an intoxicating cocktail indeed. With this in mind I would love to see what he could do with a remix of JMJ & Ritchie's "Universal Horn". The original is an absolutely steaming hot piece of jazzy jungle from deep in the mists of 1995. Soaring horns, aching smooth pads and a rolling breakbeat on a bed of warm bass. This track is screaming out to be reworked.

Krust - Soul In Motion (dBridge Remix)
"Soul In Motion" remains an iconic track today as it was was in 1997. along with tracks like "True Stories" and "Brief Encounters" Krust carved out a space all of his own redefining the Full Cycle sound. There is only really one artist who could be trusted to translate the bass warblings of "Soul In Motion" into something new and that is dBridge. Imagine the original but more pissed off than a teenage girl... This is what we're dealing with here. The original is quite raw and crunchy, and so the remix would be also. Distorted, twisted out of shape and all together unhinging.

Hidden Agenda - Channel (ASC Remix)
One of the most overlooked records of 1998, "Channel" is the definition of a slow burner. Whenever I mention this record, no one seems to know which tune i'm talking about. Low key, understated, almost shy, yet laced with funk and timeless groove. If you don't know about this track then you really need to get on the case. The reason I have chosen ASC is in many ways due to the characteristics listed above. ASC has a unique talent for keeping things interesting without being brash or over active. Such is the original that it would be a waste if it's vibe was lost in someone else's sound. In ASC we can trust.

Doc Scott - Liquid Fingers (Sam KDC Remix)
So what do we have here then? a pastiche of Mr Fingers samples, a homage to house music circa 1980s? At 170 BPM? Well yes, in a sense the original is a remix in itself. That aside it is a perfect example on how to indulge in a rework without it being a rip off. It would be fair to suggest that the sentiment should therefore be passed on by taking it somewhere new. Someone who's music is very close to our hearts at Organic is Sam KDC... He is the obvious choice for "Liquid Fingers". No doubt taking this down a few gears, Sam's sound is ethereal and transcends any reasonable definition on drum & bass. Perfect!

Digital - Far Out (Blocks Remix)
Listening to Block's output, I can only imagine that this track and others like are integral influences of his retro referencial sound. Digital’s own remix of “Far Out” is itself the sound track to an apocalyptic future, I imagine Blocks would maybe be more refined but with no less grit and edge.