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When long standing Organic favourite RQ hit us up about his latest four tracker, we had to get involved. Let's check out the Fog EP...

Here at Organic, we've been RQ fan boys for as long as we've known about him. So anything he throws our way we like to have a good look at. Latest at the table is the 'Fog EP'. Offering up four pieces at sub drum & bass tempo, RQ's deeper than deep signature resonates through. There are characteristics that run throughout much of RQ's output, his use of space often most prominent. There is emotional disconect with his work, a displacent that relieves you from the usual confines of conformity. Sonic Ketamine.

When you step a little bit outside your normal comfort zone with tunes you can lose a bit of perspective and your usual benchmarks can get a bit hazy. With say, a fairly normal drum & bass track or really ambient stuff I know if it's any good or not and also who to send it to, and I can be pretty sure how it will pan out for that tune. The flip side of that is that when you make tunes in a (even slightly) different style things can get hazy, Is it any good? Will people like it? I wonder if any labels would be interested? - RQ

The philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once remarked "the only obligation the artist can have is to follow truth and his genius." This is in part what we see here from RQ, relieved from the shackles of commercial viability or the outside needs of the label. RQ has opted to get the music not just out there immediately, but free to download. Waylaying the usual compromises that can arise between art as art, and art as product. There is no need to wittle away the exterior noise or glossy sheen that can often cloud expression, this is pure and untamed music.

With these four tracks I didn't even consider those questions as I thought that I would just put them up for free on my bandcamp and bypass all of that and just get them out there as quickly as possible. The oldest track on the EP is only a couple of weeks old and the newest was bounced down two days ago. Waiting for weeks or months before getting a tune to the general public can be a little frustrating and it can also cause nagging doubt about the music so this time around I thought I would try and get that gap between making the tune and someone being able to download it as short as possible, hopefully the idea appeals! - RQ

There are rumours that RQ is working on a full length artist album, so we're not expecting too much work to escape into the public domain while this is going on. In the mean time this is a great opportunity to either catch up with one of the deep's coolest operators, or start to get to know his very personal sound.

RQ - Fog EP

1. Yabai
2. Sprawl
3. Fog
4. The Oscillation

RQ - Fog EP is available now from Bandcamp: