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In 1992 hardcore was in full swing, igniting the fire within London's warehouses and across the pirate air waves. Few tracks can capture the energy of this year while clearly sign posting the direction it would take next...

Written by Big City Records boss Mark Evans as Bodysnatch, "Euphony" as it was originally released or "Just 4 U London" as it is better known is a quintessential slice of hardcore history.

The label itself released several classics like Dub Two's "Badman (Toughness Mix)" and the remix of C,Biz's "Crowd Say Rewind", but "Euphony" remains the single that put them on the map. Bass heavy, London centric and reassuringly rugged, "Euphony" is a historic track for any genre born out of hardcore, be it drum & bass, breaks, UKG or beyond.

Play this tune to any man in his mid 30s or beyond and you're sure to face a barrage of hazy memories and stories told. Amongst the enthusiasm and nostalgia you'll here a combination of the following; The Crazy Club, Astoria, Weekend Rush, Nicky Blackmarket, Innersense, Lazerdrome, Labyrinth, Doves, Snowballs, Roller Express, Telepathy, Doc Soott, Moose… "Euphony" is amongst the tracks that defined the year that was 1992.