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In 1993 4Hero set out on a mission to reaffirm Hardcore's underground ethos. The result... 'Journey From The Light'.

Credited with creating the blueprint for Jungle and Drum & Bass, 4Hero’s Dego McFarlane and Marc Mac are an unacceptable omission from any version of the music’s beginnings. ‘Mr Kirk’s Nightmare’, ‘Special Request’, ‘Feel Real Good’, the list of Hardcore classics is long and deservedly acclaimed.

Post 1992’s commercial explosion of Hardcore, 4Hero endeavoured through the ‘Journey From The Light’ EP to re-establish a few ground rules for the truly headstrong of Hardcore. Disheartened by the tink tonk of the previous year’s “toy town techno” the inner circle of the genre embarked on a mission to discourage the musically conservative and in Dego’s own words “See who was really down with the programme”.

‘Journey From The Light’ as a track itself is heralded as one of the truly exceptional masterclasses in technical proficiency of 1993. A tenacious return to the underground, utilizing time-stretched breakbeats and an array of vocal samples and stabs from Brainstorm, First Choice and Earth, Wind and Fire, the track laces together a kaleidoscope of source material into a cohesive musical patchwork.

‘Journey From The Light’ sits right on the border of Hardcore’s re-emergence as Jungle. A few beats per minute faster, markedly more daring in production prowess and a competition gauntlet thrown down to 4Hero’s production peers. 1993 in full effect.