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In 1992 I was watching Count Duckula and picking my runny nose. Elsewhere the UK rave scene was at its peak. More about that…

Back in 1992 Sid Truelove alongside MC Scallywag as Xenophobia created the iconic rave bomb ‘Rush In The House’. An aural assault of blistering warehouse breaks, Roland TB-303 bass stabs and Spiral Tribe’s MC Skallywag hijacking The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me’ proclaiming “Ecstacy, you really get going!”.

Step into the tardis and take yourself to the warehouses and fields of yesteryear; Castlemorton, Labyrinth, Orange at The Astoria. Post Thatcher, pre-Jungle. Snowballs, phase 4s and White biscuits.

A pirate classic that found it’s way to a full release on Kickin Records entering the UK dance chart at number 20, ‘Rush In The House’ has echoed through the rave time continuum right up to present day. Absolutely battered by Nicky Blackmarket back in the day on Pulse FM, right through to now in old skool arenas up and down the country.

Truth be told, ‘Rush In The House’ is as fine a rave karaoke anthem as any. Sing along vocals that require little attention to key, a kind of football chant for the rave generation;
“E an rush me, Ooo rush me” – Nothing to do with ‘90s Liverpool mustache hero Ian Rush!

It’s time to bring on the rush.

"It's still played by Nicky Blackmarket at the back to '92 nights and he told me he saves it until everyone has necked their pills and are all coming up at about 1am, then he drops his favourite tunes of all time 'Rush In The House' and the place just goes crazy." - Sid Truelove