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Hidden Hardware


Ahead of One.Seventy and with the release of his 'Elemnts' album with Felix K dropping, Organic caught up with DB1 to talk about his 5 favourite pieces of studio gear.

On 29th January DB1 will appear at One.Seventy alongside Vromm, Dexta, Projekt 22 & Paragon and Rob Vanden. His name has become a byword for experimental, often machine led 170 BPM music that plants its flag far from the restraints of more conventional Drum & Bass. To compare his work to Techno seems equally underwhelming. EPs like 'Ohne Titel' and 'Transitions' form excursive transitions into subconscious serpentine. His latest offering, a collaborative album 'Elemnts' with Felix K on Hidden Hawaii promises to be his best work to date. DB1 has kindly offered to let us into his world and the studio gear which he commands.

Vermona Kick Lancet
A synth dedicated to creating kick drums may seem like a luxury but is often quicker than working with samples when you want to create a kick unique to a specific track. The Kick Lancet can make punchy aggressive 909 type kicks or deeper 808 booms, both have their own ‘Vermona' character which sounds slightly different to anything else. The 'balls' distortion option is great for dialing in an extra bit of weight.

Intellijel Atlantis
A superb sounding and completely flexible synth block. Ideal for lead and bass patches this module can sound slightly noisy (in a good way!) which gives it a huge amount of analogue character. The numerous patch points allow it to be quickly integrated with other modules to create an even larger range of options. Brilliant for percussion too, particularly kick drums given its solid low end.

Reon Driftbox R
A small black and green box with a big and unique sound. The quirky feature set means it can be tricky to control, but always seems to deliver something completely different from anything else. The fat and thick (but bright) sound of this synth works great for leads which really cut through in a mix.

Make Noise LXD
A great value module that works especially well with lead synths like the Driftbox and the Atlantis.The Low Pass Gate is a unique type of filter with a fixed relationship between volume and frequency designed to give a more natural sound. Perfect for creating tight punchy leads and organic sounding percussion.

Mutable Instruments Elements
A truly amazing module, great fun to play with and capable of a huge range of sounds. The digital synth engine models the characteristics of real physical instruments and can do anything from drone soundscapes to unusual percussion. Easy to experiment with, packed full of CV options, it is actually hard to make a sound which doesn't sound interesting with Elements.

DB1 will appear at One.Seventy on the 29th January at Rye Wax. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE.