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'HVAC RMXD' is the new remix project from DAAT that sees their original 'HVAC' tracks remixed and re-realized. So what's it all about?

DAAT's 'HVAC RMXD' cuts through the trunk of music widely known as drum & bass, offering up several layers of the genre's diverse spectrum. Giving the original 'HVAC' material to 9 distinctly individual remixers, this remix project diffuses DAAT's source recordings into a broader domain beyond it's original remit. Whereas Overlook's remix of 'Fridge' firmly plants it's foot in the depths of the dancfloor, Jalex's reworking of 'Elevator' is going to stop you dead in the dance in the best possible way, opting to move your mind over your feet. This is the story throughout 'HVAC RMXD', juxtoposed styles and approaches that allow each and the other to shine brightly.

"For this project we wanted to get producers that we respected involved - people that we knew and knew us. During the years we were running Detuned Radio, we'd played all their stuff alongside our own, so it was quite an easy choice." - DAAT

The rolecall of artists involved in the album while remaining relevant to DAAT and Detuned Transmissions also pushes into territory that up to now has been less ventured by the label. Opening with Books' remix of 'Sub', you're treated to a reassuring blend of measured depth fortified by sollid contemporay dynamics. The decent studio technique and applied processes platform the underlying groove, realizing the movement between each element of the track. Justice & Metro's 'Meat Grinder' re-grind keeps 'HVAC RMXD' anchored in drum & bass' heritage. The breaks are absolutely firing, angsty and tense. It's a bitch of a track. It's the horny land lady who wants to teach you a thing or two and won't take no for an answer. It's last orders and this track is going to take you! - Justice and Metro may or may not agree with my analysis...

"We didn't give too much of a brief. Oddly enough, almost all the remixers were able to go with their first choices. We tend to incorporate narrative and visuals when making tunes, but we didn't want to push that on others if that wasn't their approach. Instead we felt that leaving the artists to interpret and extend the music in their own way was more important." - DAAT

Remix albums are a perculiar oddity, there is no real way you can predict what the end product will be. You can control the inputs, who's involved, a brief. But there is no certainty as to how artists will approach the work and ultimately what of the original essence will remain. Artistic disattachment is required on the part of the original creators.

"It's always an unusual experience to re-enter project files to mine for samples - its very independent of the creative process, and as such we were worried about preparing a good representative set of samples for each of the tunes. In the end each artist applied their own individual knowledge of the craft and extended the ideas in HVAC beyond the original aims and intentions. Of course there's always the thought that something could go wrong in the sense that you really have no idea what the end result will be, but given the expert cast of remixers we knew there was nothing to worry about." - DAAT

'HVAC RMXD' introduces an extention to the Detuned sound that had to come from the outside. It represents alot of good will and creative collaboration between a group of artists who apreciate each others endeavors. DAAT took the plunge on this one. They've put themselves out there to be taken apart and rebuilt by the hands of others. Remixed in every sense.

DAAT - HVAC RMXD Tracklisting

1. DAAT - Sub (Books Remix)
2. DAAT - Apache (ASC Remix)
3. DAAT - Fridge (Overlook Remix)
4. DAAT - 走る男 (RQ Remix)
5. DAAT - Elevator (Jalex Remix)
6. DAAT - All Of Them (Gremlinz Remix)
7. DAAT - Gynoid (Dyl Remix)
8. DAAT - Meat Grinder (Justice & Metro Re-Grind)
9. DAAT - Sixth Gear (Method One Remix)

DAAT - 'HVAC RMXD' is available now on Detuned Transmissions.

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