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The Hydra Competition

hydra win prize

Without doubt the most exciting event series to hit London for years, The Hydra are giving away an absolutely ridiculous prize to you guys. Miss it, miss out... Get involved!

When it comes to throwing real, subversive, cutting edge and future proof parties, Broken & Uneven rule the roost. Having hosted this year parties with A Bunch Of Cuts, Ostgut Ton and Deviation, there is still more musical monsters to come in the form of, Innervision x Permanent Vacation, Non Plus x Workshop, Bugged Out Present Night Slugs, Border Community and Electronic Minds x Aus vs Simple.

The Broken & Uneven team are feeling particularly generous so are giving away a crazy prize:

A pair of tickets to a Hydra event of your choice.
A night in a hotel on the night you choose to come down for.
Some free drinks on the night.

Fancy it? Of course you do!

If you want some of the action click HERE.

Still not sure? check out the video below:

The Hydra - Ostgut Ton from Daruma Vision on Vimeo.