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I Am Not Invincible


Rules are made to be broken and genres exist to be defied. The rules and regulations of old are firmly in the past and with this in mind we check out Sinstarr's latest release for None60.

Drum & bass as a term is far to rigid to adequately describe Sinistarr’s current output, but what it does do is facilitate the framework for which it can exist. Music and art in general for that matter is often at it’s best when it cannot be easily defined. When it bucks the trend or simply does not fit into the status quo. Both “Gaiden” and “I Am Not Invincible” have the echoes of their formative drum & bass, but the characteristics are shattered and replaced with shards of other influence genres; techno, electronica, juke, hip hop, it’s all in there. As a release, a patchwork ensemble of musical motifs that create something inherently original.

Finding their home on Silent Dust’s None60 imprint seems instinctively fitting given the duo’s own tendencies to defy genre conventions, incorporating both the palette and often collaborators from outside their native drum & bass. As the seventh release for the imprint, it is their first foray into A&R, and some excellent A&R at that. Maintaining the existing culture of artistic experimentation and genre defiance while putting something out that would never have come from themselves alone.

A google search of Sinistarr will quickly inform you that he has become something of a hometown hero within the already fruitful Detroit. His rise through both drum & bass and beyond has seen him work with some of the city’s masters, not least Drexciya’s DJ Stingray. "Gaiden" exemplifies the real potential for genres within bass music to blend and come together. With elements of juke, jungle, techno and drum & bass, “Gaiden” captures the energy that lies at the core of bass music. A splintered mix of high pace energy and some amazing programming. Where “Gaiden” has maintained a fundamental reference to jungle, “I Am Not Invincible” surely revels in the electronica influences that these encounters must have inspired. A hybrid pastiche with a haunting ghostly vocal, flowing over a sea of full bodied pads and sub bass.

Together both tracks see Sinistarr explore the collective underground sounds of London and New York via his native Detroit.

Sinistarr - "I Am Not Invincible" / "Gaiden" is out on None60 on 20/05/13