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Introducing: Books

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A new year, and a new regular feature. Through "Introducing" we will expose the wealth of unheard and unsigned music from the bedrooms of new skool producers...

It's no secret that behind suburban bedroom doors, there is a small army of unkown producers tirelessly working away tuning bass sounds and compressing drums. Some will go on to be greats while others will remain hobbyists. Rather than wait for them to come to us, here at Organic we are on a mission to expose and illuminate those lurking in the dark and big them up. In the words of Chris Inperspective "To represent the under represented".

For our first excursion into the unknown we meet Joel Harris producing drum & bass under the pseudonym "Books".

Artist Name: Books.
Real Name: Joel.
Place Of Origin: Exeter.
Music Style / Description: "Glum" & Bass.
Musical Influences: The whole Spectrum. I like ambient stuff
Other Influences: Ape/ Friends/ The Internet/ Films.
Software / Hardware Preference: Cheap and cheerfully software.
Trademark Sound: Padman.

Originally from the East Midlands, now residing in North London by way of Manchester, Books' tracks are clinical, with an attention to detail and modern production etiquette. Offering a deep, almost puristic vision of mature drum & bass, with clear nods to the work of the like of dBridge, Calibre and beyond...

You can check out more of Books' music at

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