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Jungle Karaoke


Does jungle karaoke exist? If not it does now! We list (and make up) the prerequisites of a classic jungle karaoke track. We must be bored this time!

WIkipedia describes Karaoke as "a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system". This is in essence correct, however it does omit the almost compulsory addition of alcohol, embarrassing uncles and not-really-that good delusional would be X-Factor contestants.

Just around the corner from me where I live in North London is a pub that used to have a "Rave Karaoke" night on Thursdays, to which I never actually went to. I'm guessing it was made up of songs from the likes of Robin S, Crystal Waters, N Trance etc... But why stop there? Why not push the boat all the way out? jungle karaoke anyone?

But what would be a good jungle karaoke track? In many ways, a good jungle karaoke must adhere to the same rules of a good standard karaoke track. By the nature of karaoke, the tracks must be popular enough that everyone knows the words or near enough (have you ever tried to sing along to M-Beat's "Incredible"?). It's no good singing along to the most obscure jungle white label that nobody knows... Luckily enough there are plenty of jungle hits from way back when that made it into the mainstream and have words to sing along to. What's more, there are some people who will have parents (and potentially that embarrassing uncle) who are young enough to know the tracks too.

At this point things start to get a bit complicated... Between the quick fire ragga vocals, pitched up house samples and crashing amens, someone needs to know what they are saying. I for one cannot confidently say that I know what alot of the actual words in DJ Nut Nut's "Special Dedication" actually are, be it through my own cultural background or ignorance, but this does add a whole other dimension to karaoke I think? It's much the same for X Project's "Jah Set It". The Arnold Jarvis bit I can ace, but the ragga bits... Are a bit iffy to say the least. To this end I have created a recommended jungle karaoke playlist that you can find below. I've tried to incorporate something for everyone, with big commercial successes like "Incredible" and "Original Nuttah" through to much harder tracks like Marvelous Cain's "Hitman", I'd like to see someone try to pull off the Daddy Freddy bidi bidi bit. I've even included Remarc's "Ricky" for those that need something with easy words to remember. If you're feeling brave, why not post a video? Now gather the family round and get singing those bludclart jungle classics.

Organic's Recommended Jungle Karaoke Playlist

1. Shy Fx Feat. UK Apache - Original Nuttah
2. M-Beat feat. General Levy - Incredible
3. Maximum Style - Admit To Love
4. DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication
5. Remarc - Ricky
6. Leviticus - Burial
7. Marvelous Cain - Hitman
8. X Project - Jah Set It
9. Nookie - Only You
10. Marvelous Cain - Dubplate Style
11. Goldie - Inner City Life
12. Peshay - Vocal Tune