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Justice & Metro - Oxymoron

justice metro oxymoron

Justice & Metro are just about to drop the Oxymoron LP, and it's been a long time coming. Let's see what all the hype is about.

The Oxymoron LP is in effect Justice & Metro's musical history and influences collated together. It encapsulates their early days as weekend ravers and the musical evolution through the 90s up to modern day drum & bass. But this is no retrospective album. What Oxymoron does is amass the best bits of the past and reassert them into a 2013 framework.

The LP in itself is eclectically varied and almost shouldn't work, but the lineage from the first to last track weaves a seamless connective thread that binds the album together as one. "Trip Girl" opens the listening experience right in amongst the fervor of rave paranoia, it's hard to say if you should be just listening or dropping LSD while engrossing yourself in the beats.

The album continues to take you through the extremes of recreational drug use albeit in a far more respectable audio form (aherm). Tracks like "The Lovin" and "The Bear" pursue euphoric temptation with expansive synth lines and audacious chords. Outside of the more reflective numbers "Oxymoron" also has it's fair share of compulsive head nodders. "Bosco", "Broken In Two" and "Dope Boy" all exude classic dance floor dynamics with a more than gritty edge.

Mjazz's long standing as a label and history in the music lends well to the album working as a unit. There is a story here, a narrative, a progression. This is a classically structured album, each track unique yet lending to the whole picture. Each track a component part of the wider experience while still standing proud, each on their own.

MJazz as a label has had a fantastic few years and for many has become a buy on site imprint. "Oxymoron" can only serve to further that position.

oxymoron - an audio & visual preview from once upon a pixel on Vimeo.

“The Oxymoron LP is a total nod to our early days in rave in dodgy clubs and shady house parties in and around Luton and London. The sounds being played were a heady mix of lots of different genres, Acid, Breakbeat, House, Hardcore, Hip Hop were all played back to back in no order but somehow they all went, they maybe shouldn't have but they did, dark and light, bitter sweet, oxymorons in sound.”
– Justice & Metro

Track Listing

01. Trip Girl
02. Bosco
03. 2056
04. Broken In Two
05. Snail
06. The Lovin
07. Piece Of Wood
08. Growl
09. Oxymoron
10. Dope Boy
11. Rokit9
12. Pod
13. The Bear
14. Last Chance Before

The Oxymoron LP is out now on CD, Digital and 12" single.