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Keep It Locked

Alexander / Photography by Paige Ofosu

Ahead of One.Seventy DB1, Books, Rob Vanden and myself Alexander headed over to East London for a special warm up courtesy of Jack Smith and the Urban Essence Show on Hoxton FM.

Hoxton FM has become a key player in the London electronic music radio marketplace. Along with the likes of NTS it has risen as part of the new re-emergence of the format. Multi genre, quality led, legitimate music broadcasting. Part of the return to interactivity, Hoxton FM has cemented its place as a key taste maker and home to a range of credible selectors and hosts. One such individual is Jack Smith who hosts the monthly Urban Essence show. Casting his brush across a broad canvas, Jack has led the show for just over a year now to encompass elements of House, Techno, Hip Hop and more UK led bass music.

Invited onto the Urban Essence show ahead of One.Seventy on the 29th January, this seemed like a great opportunity to promote the event and also set out the range of what people could expect. Myself and Rob enlisted the sonic services of Hidden Hawaii's DB1 and Detuned Transmissions' Books. We were treated to forthcoming cuts of DB1's collaborative 'Elemnt' album alongside Felix K, and the fruits of Books' forthcoming 12" on Detuned Transmissions among other sound objects that he has been manipulating in the studio. Rob also warmed things up nicely with his blend of deeper cuts form ASC, Om Unit and some retro Instra:mental. You can check out the audio below.

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