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Keep It Regular

Alexander / Photography by Paige Ofosu

As One.Seventy approaches its forth excursion into the deep, we throw it back to the community that make it what it is.

When myself and Rob Vanden initially envisaged One.Seventy, the mission statement was simple. We wanted to facilitate an open space to explore the farther reaches of 170 BPM music and bring together a community of artists and enthusiasts in an environment where everyone could be both participant and beneficiary. An equal ownership of the experience without hierarchy.

“One.Seventy is the place where you can go on your own and find both your music and your people. You can't say no to that.” – Edina / Student, Southampton

The idea resonated with enough people that coupled with the time and good will of the artists involved we have been able to create something special. Years ago someone told me that 25 years into this music, it doesn't need to always be defined by a bass line. Somewhere between that statement and Chris Inperspective's "representing the under represented" is the ethos behind One.Seventy, we come from breakbeat, however there is scope for more.

“It’s family. It’s sonic progression. It’s home.” – Nathan / Regular, London

I don't think the event would have worked if it didn't take place in Rye Wax, it's the perfect balance between music venue and cultural space. The low ceilings and soft lighting make for a beautifully intimate environment where new and old friends can share experiences. When we start things off late afternoon, things are super casual.

"One.Seventy reflects the current state of the art and is the meeting ground for anyone pushing the boundaries of the sound and vision." – Jason / Producer, Birmingham

Over 6 hours it morphs into a sound war, we try to program it that way. What might start with golden era Auxiliary back cat and interludes can work its way right through to Dylan bangers from '97. We're not a Jungle event but if a DJ takes it there, then that's where it goes. I think that's part of the fun.

“It defies the linear structure that events which are labelled by genre adhere to, without these confinements there are no compromises providing an open platform that is integral for our music to keep pushing forward”. – Arun / Promoter, Bristol

So what's next? This month we have a line up which is equal to anything else we have done so far. Experimental production duo NoiD are marrying improvisational art with sonic performance, promising something that just doesn't otherwise exist anywhere else across 170 BPM music. On top of this Overlook makes his One.Seventy debut following his 'Smoke Signals' album, also joined by UVB-76 label mate Clarity.

For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE