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Label Focus: re:st


Under the watchful eye and guiding hand of Lcp, re:st has found its way to the top table of deep 170 BPM music. With their thirteenth release about to drop, we get to grips with the Swiss imprint.

Devised and launched by Lcp in 2014, re:st (or relation reset) has released thirteen 12” records mainly in EP form. Artist led, staunchly idealistic. Label boss Lcp describes his management style as “muddled”, but it is an approach that has seen the label quietly rise, guiding a close family of artists writing some of the most thought out Drum & Bass being released. This approach has seen the label garner glowing support from DJ Mag, Stray Landings and Organic alike.

“Initially it was and still is meant to be DJ material, though it's obviously getting rather unwieldy here and there. no wild artworks, no opulent narcissism, just tunes.” - Lcp

Re:st boasts a tight knit team of sonic assassins amongst its ranks. Underground heroes like Dyl, Cutkachi, Lcp and Ghost Warrior, who’s ‘Outlands’ EP was arguably the best 12” record of 2017 as far as 170 BPM music is concerned, consistently deliver. The stable is understated but deceptively effective at producing succinct, considered, timeless works that form an audio narrative to the aesthetic at the core of the imprint.

“I have a pretty clear idea of what I like. that doesn't mean I won't listen to something that seems strange at first, I am open to new artists. Much like crate digging, I also like to discover them for myself. it's easy to tell if someone gets what we're into.” - Lcp

The latest masterpiece out of the gates from re:st is Dyl’s stunning ‘Hybridization’ EP. A five track workout spread across one 12”, the EP explores rhythm and tone lesser travelled, embracing a novelty and creativity rarely observed at 170 BPM. Like re:st, Dyl has long been building his name amongst those in the know, and tracks like ‘Veil Of Ignorance' featuring DB1 and ‘Reductio ad Absurdum’ solidify his status.


A1 Anthropomorphism
A2 Veil Of Ignorance feat DB1
B1 Consequentialism
B2 Reductio Ad Absurdum
B3 Asymmetric Attitudes

Dyl - 'Hybridization' EP is out on re:st on 14/03/18.