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Let Battle Commence...


Ahead of Detuned Transmissions in London on 29th May, there is a competitive tension developing amongst two of the acts. But when it comes to the night, who will come out on top?

It's no secret that within our music there are competative rivalries born out of the need to take things to the next level and bounce ideas off each other. It is probably one of the great traditions in fact. Many historic crews talk about a battle mentality, who can come with the freshest beats or the craziest edit, that's nothing new right? So what happens when you put two sets of resolute futurists with distinctely individual visions of what that sound is in the same space?

DAAT and Synth Sense are the competing forces in question. Sharing a common ground with regard to tempo but a wider aesthetic with regard to form. DAAT's vision is born out of dystopian vision of a post apocalyptic Montreal, while Synth Sense is more akin to the audio realization of the works of Philip K. Dick and the like.

Over the last few weeks there has been some call and response from each camp, letting the other know that they are each respectively writing tracks specifically for the party, which can only add to the anticipation of putting these guys face to face. On the night itself each act has also been asked to select a visual accompliment to be projected through their performance, this also goes for the other acts on the bill; Overlook, Justice & Metro and Books. None of the acts will know what the other has selected until the performance which adds another dimension to the event. What Detuned Transmissions are trying to do is create a forum or performance space where experimentation can truly take place, testing the artists and audience alike.

"Synth Sense are going to bring the heaviness regardless. When we heard they were writing fresh material for the show, we knew we had to step up. The way we see it, Synth Sense and DAAT explore different avenues in music production, and both of their approaches need to be explored in the fullest. If either one of us doesn't respect that, then we wouldn't be doing our job and the music would stagnate" - DAAT

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