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Low End Movements


Every month, without fail we are all blasted with an onslaught of music through our beloved internet. Some good, some, er... Shite. Our home boy DJ and producer In:Vision guides us through his pick from the last month or so...


As this is the first of these I'll briefly introduce myself and the concept of these articles. My name is Rob, sometimes known as In:Vision when I'm Djing or producing, and, like you I hope, I'm deeply passionate about good bass-driven electronic music, predominantly (but by no means exclusively) of the 170ish BPM variety.

I've made a couple of contributions to the Organic site recently including a feature on unsigned music (which you can check out HERE) and as a new regular feature, each month I'll be picking out some of my favourite recent tunes and releases that have been getting regular rotation on my Serato and my Ipod, plus the odd one or two due out soon that I'm desperate to get my hands on!

Without further ado, here are my picks for July:

Fields- "Behind The Curtains"
("Behind the Curtains"/ "Elemental", out now on Utopia Music)

It's rare that a tune so bassline driven and obviously dancefloor orientated manages to still sound genuinely fresh and interesting but to my ears, BTC is a top example of such a rarity it's- just irresistibly exhilarating. There is heavy reference to the dark tones of early 2000s techstep but it is reference made in a way that feels thoroughly modern and crisp. Fields is probably better known for his more melodic numbers as part of Mute alongside Villem- here it's a more sparse use of the trademark bleepy synth work that makes this one stand out as more than just another roller.

Quantax- "Rotations"
(Temporal Perception EP, out now on Flexout Audio)

This one almost slipped under my radar. Quantax may be a relatively new name but his debut EP for Lincoln-based label Flexout Audio displays a mature and refreshing approach to production. Clean atmospheres are juxtaposed with relentlessly shifting percussion and the calculated and evolving arrangements make the effect of each tune more than the sum of its parts. The entire release is strong but Quantax's evident strengths are probably best summed up by the opener "Rotations".

ASC- "A Song for Hope"
(Out Of Sync, out now on Samurai Music)

Plenty has already been written about "Out of Sync", the seventh full-length from all round bass virtuoso James Clements. Ambient track "A Song For Hope" is a personal favourite and feels like the album's most natural centrepiece.

Naibu- "There"
("There"/ "Doubts" (Spinline Remix), out soon on Inside Recordings)

For the last couple of years, French producer Naibu has been crafting some of the most authentic sounding drum & bass of anyone. "There" is a perfect example of his unique approach, using strings, harps and warm rich drums to create something that sounds distinctly of the analogue age rather than made on a sequencer. After his fantastic "Habitat" LP in 2011 it's great to hear that he's picking things up where he left off, with more beautiful and thoughtful music.