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Low End Movements


We look at another cracking month for bass and ass enthusiasts, our monthly reviews of what we are shaking our asses to.

This month, we are awash with great new music from familiar faces and a few new ones too. As a genre we are well past the restrictions that we once suffered from, or the inexplicable self-imposed regiment once deemed “the rules”. This month we say F-off to the status quo and hello to the innovators. Let’s get busy…

ASC & Synth Sense – Reject The System (Out now on Auxiliary)

The creative alliance of ASC and Synth Sense is one that for many followers of the Auxiliary imprint is long overdue. The results however have been well worth the wait. Title track “Reject The System” is everything you have come to expect from the guys; Dystopic, paranoid, claustrophobic and above all incredibly powerful. In an age where so many feel the infringement of the state in their personal affairs, this EP creates a soundtrack to self-awareness. Available on vinyl with a tidy Auxiliary pin badge to show off down the pub too!

Rhyming In Fives – Hindsight EP (Out now on Narratives Music)

Aliases, pseudonyms and monikers… Rhyming In Fives we are told is in fact someone as listeners that we already know, although the artists true identity doesn’t look to be getting revealed any time soon. The title track Hindsight sounds like Ultra Vox managed to accidentally lock themselves in the studio with dBridge for the weekend. No bad thing! “With You” isn’t un-dBridge-y either to be honest, and features the vocal talents of an unknown female. Following the title track, “With You” has a slightly more rhythmic edge and some really interesting sounds placed into the mix. “All’s Well” finishes things nicely with a completely beat-less finale which is nice to see from Narratives Music who have been very beats driven since inception.

Altair & Silent Dust / Silent Dust & Zilla Rocca – Sakharov/ One Million Words Remix (Out now on none60)

I don’t know where Silent Dust get there spoken word samples from, I can only assume they watch a lot of films as once again they have managed to employ the most emotive series of words in sequence in this months reviews. It only works however when the music is equally emotive, and on “Sakharov” they have succeeded. Silent Dust are a production duo who if new to you, we recommend you search out everything they have done. Rhythmic, contemplated, considered, all of these words convey the balance and effective employment of groove in this record. “Sakharov” is followed by Zilla Rocca’s flip on album track “One Million Words”, a worthy re-interpretation from the mind of a hip hop connoisseur. Unbridled emotion is met with stark lyrical realities, unshielded and unashamed.

Daat/ Daat & Dominic Ridgway – 1999/ Crashes (Out now on Detuned Transmissions)

What’s been cooking in Montreal? In short… Daat. The creative partnership of Jason oS and Joe Mnemonic sees the launch of the Detuned Transmissions imprint off on it’s maiden voyage in stellar fashion. “!999” is and absolute bitch of a tune; Rude, aggressive and completely inconsiderate of your neighbours! If growling analogue bass couples with tough crunching beats is your forte then this tune is for you. “Crashes”, in collaboration with Dominic Ridgeway, offers a far more serene alternative to “1999”. The pad and synth work is beautifully executed with reassuringly firm dependable bass bedding the track out. The perfect balance against bass whore bag “1999”.

Paradox – Jupiter 89/ I Led You (Out now on Paradox Music)

150 vinyl releases? Fuck off?!.. No it’s true, Paradox has reached the mighty old age of 150. I’m not sure if he will be taking a Saga holiday to celebrate or maybe getting a free bus pass, but he will be seeing some serious rotation for both “Jupiter 89” and “I Led You”. Paradox’s format is pretty set in stone, and it’s not unreasonable to say that he has maintained the same fundamental sound since 1997, however he does it better than anyone else and has developed the art of drum funk further than anyone else. His place in the drum & bass hall of fame is long since cemented and this release will sit nicely as another jewel in his crown. “Jupiter 89” is an absolute killer, the eerie sounds and keys behind the breaks encapsulate the tone and funk-ality that he embodies so well. You don’t need to be a b-boy or breaks nerds to get on with this stuff, it’s accessible through it’s execution. “I Led You” is a creepy affair, dropping a vocal that conjures images of counter espionage, lies and deceit. Spot the squelchy bass that makes the odd appearance through the track, guaranteed to give you a screw face.

Dominic Ridgway – Wallee Needs Therapy/ You’ll Never Be Mine (Out soon on Different Music)

More Dominic Ridgway, this time debuting on pink enthusiasts Different Music.
Ridgway’s “Wallee Needs Therapy” is a nice example of click and bass working without being overly self-righteous. A nice sing song riff, sub bass bubbling under the surface and tonal glacial pads in the distance. Nice work Dom! “You’ll Never Be Mine” takes things down low with a pitched down vocal and stripping back of the clicks. An electronic ballad for 2013, a contemplative reflection of how heart felt 170 BPM music can be.

Frederic Robinson – Bloom Feat. Stray/ Shore (Out now on Blu Mar Ten Music)

The prelude to the long anticipated Frederic Robinson LP, this release compounds the level of quality we’ve come to expect both from Frederic Robinson and Blu Mar Ten Music. “Bloom” feat Stray rolls out tried and tested bass lines with innovative stuttering beats and vocals. It is often said that for music to really get noticed, it has to induce emotional response, capture the imagination and be instantly personal. “Bloom” achieves all of the above. “Shore” shows Robinson’s diversity, stepping down the tempo, creating greater space masterfully constructing delicate shapes and masses of sound. If this is at all representative of the album, then we all have something to look forward to.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.