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Low End Movements


Another month passes us at 170 BPM and we stop to appreciate the fantastic array of music out both now and about to drop.

Regular readers of Low End Movements may notice that the big booty visual theme that we have er... Developed over the last 13 months or so is absent in this, the latest edition. I'm afraid to say it is gone for good. As much as we enjoyed sourcing those wonderful images, it has become too problematic from a public acceptability perspective and also not worth the amount of stick we get from our female friends. So it ends now! Instead you will be treated to a more tasteful selection of images. That tragic reality dealt with lets look at the best that drum & bass and the associated musical melting pot has to offer...

Synth Sense – Fragments From An Infinite Sequence (Diode)
Released: Out Now

The latest EP from intrepid sound-scape explorers Synth Sense sees them embark on their most expansive journey to date. With 3 tracks falling just short of a combined 30 minutes, “Fragments Of An Infinite Sequence” is certainly the most engulfing compositions in their recent array. And they are compositions in the truest sense. Needless to say there is a lot to take in and you’ll probably get the most out of this EP on a decent sound system or high-end pair of headphones.

“Broken Parallels” clocking in at 14 minutes and 59 seconds follows the manifesto set by the EP’s title. There is a movement of developing ideas that needs the near 15 minutes to be adequately expressed. Conceptually this is monstrous and completely rejects the to often proposed standard track structure. These guys transcended accepted ideas of form some time ago and “Broken Parallels” introduces unexpected developments and immaculately placed sounds well outside of the norm.

“You And Your Ghost” gravitates towards a more punctuated standard. It in part reminds me of some of Photek’s later non drum & bass output like “Terminus” but with a smuttier, dirtier, more detestable grittiness. There is rousing bass work at play here that can challenge anything that you’ll hear on the dance floor.

Bringing up the rear is “Sphere Of Influence”. As “You And Your Ghost”s red light eroticism fades away, “Sphere Of Influence” cleanses the palette with astral synth washes, cinematic metallic sweeps and percussion. A clean ending to a penetrating EP.

Klute – The Draft LP (Commercial Suicide)
Released: Out Now

The latest LP from Tom Withers AKA Klute portrays the man himself as the protagonist in his own musical theatrics. A consistent force behind almost a decade and a half of critically acclaimed album projects Klute is joined by a tour de force of vocal talents including Klose, Collette Warren, Fava, and my personal favourite performance from Naomi Pryor.

“The Draft” is a wide ranging mix of hard, soft, light and dark at a just as diverse range of tempos. “Give It All” featuring Naomi Pryor takes the tense builds of the contemporary drum & bass breakdown and stretches the building anticipation over a whole 4 minutes and 20 seconds. A mastery in creating atmosphere and an absolutely exemplary vocal performance, one of the highlights of the LP.

Tracks like “Sick Drive” and “Best bits Not Over” serve up the dance floor destruction that sees Klute devastate the club scene world wide, but in my opinion it is the more cryptic, less direct productions that will see this LP getting name dropped and drawn for in years to come.

Jonny L – In A Jungle (Spearhead Records)
Released: 10th November 2013

This is what is known as a Marmite LP. You will either love it or hate it. It really is that simple. Personally I love everything Jonny L does. He exists outside the usual status quo of drum & bass and by all accounts does whatever he musically wants. “In The Jungle” to my ears sounds like Hospital Records on a particularly edgy day. There is nothing wildly experimental on show, but plenty of unashamed high velocity jungle themed soft synthin’ out. With a more aggressive tone, tracks like “Dub” and “The Bass Break” deliver more of the sound Jonny accentuated during his “Mr L” period.

His pop output which he is less openly known for obviously informs a lot of the tracks on “In A Jungle” and that is no bad thing as far as I can see. In a maybe unexpected way he takes drum & bass to a candy floss world it hasn’t really touched on before. Check out “Turning Back”, “Let’s Go There” or “Step Up”, this is reminiscent of his classic rave anthem “Hurt U So” and displays all the feel-good appeal of the cheesiest of mid-nineties happy hardcore.

Don’t forget that years before dBridge or Calibre were laying vocals down, old Jonny boy had it all wrapped up. Never one to follow trends or tow the party line Jonny L appears again out of obscurity to give a new angle on the genre he played a pivotal role in creating.

Dominic Petrie – Tomorrow Now EP (Ingredients)
Released: 11th November

The label that launched the career of Skeptical and famed for it’s excellent A&R work Ingredients returns with their latest rough diamond in the from of Dominic Petrie and the “Tomorrow Now” EP. The virgin flight for Petrie scales across a range of deeper tones from the glacial meanderings of “Ethemerol Test” to late night thrusts of “Exponents Of Escape” and beyond.

Ingredients as a label have a knack for spotting potential and backing up their convictions with solid releases. This is on show in this latest outing, giving Petrie’s creations credence. The EP offers up straight liquid rollers like “Riverside Blues” and “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep” alongside where I feel Dominic makes more impact, the deeper excursions like “Soho”. A solid entry from a welcome new name.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.