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Low End Movements


As we enter the most expensive time of year it is good to know there is a 170 BPM sound track ready and waiting to burn our hard earned cash to! It is of course Low End Movements...

Beastie Respond/ Inxect - Dyad EP (Surface Records)

Someone who has been one of the shining lights within 170 BPM music in the last 18 months is Beastie Respond, so we were happy earlier this month to receive this lovely package from him (ooh Vicar). A fantastic 4 piece EP from both himself and an exciting Danish artist called Inxect. Signed to Copenhagen's own Surfase Records, the EP is a dazzling expression of modern electronics at various tempos. Beastie's contributions in the form of "Dyad" and "Worthy Of Love Part II" balance the more existential elements of the tempo bracket while Inxect's "Pans It" and "Feng" are far more direct in their assault, firmly sitting in what can confidently be termed as drum & bass. More fantastic output from our favourite Dane and company.

Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words (Blu Mar Ten Music)

2013 has been an absolutely blistering year for Blu Mar Ten Music, with some amazing singles from Spirant, Thing, Queensway and Delpurr & Eraser, not to mention a show stopping LP from Frederic Robinson. If that wasn't enough, the label is ending the year with a bang, dropping Blu Mar Ten's own "Famous Lost Words" LP. Both adult and accessible, the LP is a reminder that good drum & bass always wins the day. 25 years in it is hard to write a drum & bass LP that is firmly footed in the genre without sounding dated, but BMT achieves just that here, a feat that has only really otherwise been met by Seba this year. Which will also be your cup of tea if you like this LP. I defy you not to enjoy this. My personal favourites are the glacial "Hunter feat Seba" and the low lit ambient "Night Shift".

Various Artists - Works (Modern Urban Jazz)

Deep in a dirty cellar just north of London, Tony Justice have been secretly gathering 18 years worth of lost treasure, dusting it off and compiling it for the "Works" LP. Mapping just short of 20 years of the Mjazz label's history and predictably rich, "Works" provides the warm feeling only truly ear-worthy music deserves. Spanning a massive 22 tracks, the LP features unreleased versions as well as day dot classics in digital format for the first time. "Works" has received support from the likes of Marcus Intalex, Fabio and LTJ Bukem, which in itself says alot. Different people are going to pick out their favorites, but for me the Time & Motion remix of "Time Undefined" has a timeless quality that ranks it high in my personal list. From a label that firmly believes in delivering the album package, another fantastic addition.

More Sounds - More Sounds LP (Astrophonica)

True to Astrophonica's more recent output, the "More Sounds" LP is a mix of footwork inspired jungle, booty claps, and low end squelches. Taking the lead where Om Unit, Fracture and Machine Drum have set the blue print for this incarnation of drum & bass, Parisian More Sound's draws for King Tubby inspired sub inspiration on tracks "Riddim Again" and "Blood". The release is a nice complete package with refreshingly clean artwork and general feel set again the ominously dirty beats and bass. A sound that has received a level of support from more main stream music press and the inevitable back lash from inside the scene, "More Sounds" LP shows that this relatively recent sound has a few more tricks up it's sleeve.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.