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Low End Movements


This month, Low End Movements comes in the form in a really mixed bag of drum & bass, from scatty footwork influenced tracks, to deep rollers and full on audio assault. Bring it on!

Dexta & Hyroglifics - Boxgroove EP (Diffrent Music)

There are definite influences from Om Unit, Machinedrum et al on display here on the latest outburst from the Diffrent Music camp. Label boss Dexta teams up with label regular Hyroglifics for the title track "Boxgroove". A galloping beat that sounds like a slinky working it's way down the stairs, gets doubled up with some crunchy bass with the odd bit crunched tone for good measure. Backed up with solo efforts from Dexta and Hyroglifics respectively, the EP follows suit in typical jungle juke fashion.

Total Science - Another Time ft. Grimm (Spearhead)

Total Science have been writing classic drum & bass for... Well, Forever! And rightly so, they have turned their hand to just about every sound going and released music on almost every label worth their salt. This time they team up with Grimm on Bcee's Spearhead label for "Another Time". On display here is some fundamental Total Science; strong dancefloor etiquette, tight production all pulled together with defined purpose and direction. When a duo have been on the circuit for so long, it is easy to overlook them, simply as they are so consistent, but here on "Another Time" Total Science show why they are such an enduring force.

Seba - Mesmerism EP (Secret Operations)

Last year's "Identity" LP was a real hit at Organic HQ, so we were really excited to get our teeth in to The "Mesmerism" EP from Seba. True to form, Seba takes us through several shades of deeper drum & bass, starting with "Life Is". Laden with a ethereal pads, an almost coarse bass line and plentiful percussion "Life Is" continues where "Identity" left off. The title track "Mesmerism" takes us into the realms of the half step, which kind of reminds me of Calibre's "Steptoe". "Mesmerism" however is altogether more astral, still maintaining the scale of "Life Is" through the healthy application of reverb across the melodic elements of the track. If this release needed a tune to hum to, it is "Physickl". I can see this one doing the rounds on the dancefloor, in many ways it is the last gasp of air before you go back into the depths of the concluding track "Science Fiction". "Science Fiction" has echoes of '90s Metalheadz to my ear. "Swarm", "The Warning", "Skylab"... It's all in there somewhere. All in all some solid heat straight outta Stockholm.

Amit - The Parallel EP (AMAR)

Where to start? Amit is the forefather of so much that is going on in drum & bass at the moment, he was doing the whole half-step thing years before anyone else really worked out how to get it right and he still does it better than anyone else. "The Parallel EP" kicks off with some textbook Amit stylings in the form of "I'll Cut You Down", unmistakably Amit with all the trimmings. Reminiscent of "Insane Bitch" this is the kind of track that completely lifts a dance back to life in the early hours. "Mr Clark" follows with more trademark Amit, droning synths, stabby sounds and full bodied bottom end. Someone needs to make an Amit app, how much fun would that be? A nice stompy drum pattern as a base and then a series of drones, echoes and stabs you can drop over the top... Fun for the whole family?! "Your Native God" and "Daaku" drop the tempo into dubstep territory no doubt influenced by sparring partner V.I.V.E.K. Another solid release from AMAR.

Taxman Feat. Diane Charlemagne - Rebirth (Playaz Recordings)

Taxman? Playaz? Organic? Not one of the labels you may expect us to be reviewing tracks from maybe, but I have a little bit of a soft spot for the a good tear out tune every so often and when this landed in the inbox I found myself playing it at full whack several times over. "Rebirth" sees Taxman team up with vocalist Diane Charlemagne of (amongst other things) "Inner City Life" fame. There are several versions of "Rebirth" on offer here; the original, radio edit, club mix and hard mix. The radio edit i'm not going to talk about, as my heart firmly sits with the original and the hard mix. If you like the style of this kind of drum & bass or not, you cannot deny the studio prowess on display and the general ability to get an absolutely gut wrenching sound out of a computer. If you've been out of touch with the jump up sound for a while (like I have) it is always interesting to see what's going on, and although there is plenty of shit flying about, there is always a few solid tracks doing the rounds, of which "Rebirth" is a great example. This said I won't be going to Shabba's birthday bash any time soon...

Soul Intent - Studio Pressure EP (Lossless Music)

Soul Intent unleashes the second release on his own Lossless Music imprint in the shape of the "Studio Pressure" EP. This is straight to the point music. Designed with the dancefloor in mind, the whole ep is incredibly rugged. If the crowd seem to be falling at the sides, Soul Intent is always a good artist to bring them back with. Anything you can say of one of the tracks is true of all on this occasion; gritty bass, busy drums and a pace that says "Dance!". If these tracks aren't doing it for you, you're not worth doing it to.

Sun & Bass - 10 Years Selection (Sun & Bass)

Admittedly we are a little bit late on getting round to this, as we received it in December. However, we are still listening to it so that has to be a good thing right? This LP has so many names on it, it's silly; Tokyo Prose, FD, Fracture, System, Seba, Utah Jazz, Nymfo, DOm & Roland, dBridge... The list goes on. The most interesting for me however is a welcome return of Sci-Clone, a collaborative effort between A-Sides and Nathan Haines. You might remember classic Sci-Clone tracks like "Melt", "El Son" and the like? There is too much music to talk about here at length, so I suggest you give it a listen yourself...

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.