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Low End Movements


This month we check out some drum & bass malarky from as far afield as Australia, Russia, USA and Holland... What's all the fuss about?

This month's edition of Low End Movements is the review equivalent of a Michael Jackson video or a United Colours of Benetton advert. We have music from far and wide to tantalize your break and bass cravings. Do you remember that old song? "It's a London thing"?... Well, apparently it's not.

Nymfo - Headbangers Ball EP (Commercial Suicide)

This month's "Ronseal" release... It says "Headbangers Ball" and that is exactly what it is. The title track is in typical Nymfo style, absolutely rollin'. This is what I consider the bread and butter of the Commercial Suicide sound, Straight drums, big builds and mutating bass distortions. "Beep" follows suit with more pounding club beats while "Oblivion" introduces an almost trance like flavour... In a good way (think Concord Dawn). True to his namesake, Bardo Camp shows once again he is a dirty bastard.

Mutated Forms - Crowlin / Reach You In Your Sleep (Blu Mar Ten Music)

You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have known about this release already as it has been getting alot of hype (not least from Chris Blu Mar Ten!). Luckily it is all hard earned. "Crowlin" offers reverb rich percussion nestles on a bed of seductive piano keys, only to be smashed to bits by a sharp bass waffles, splintering between a reversed vocal sample. Very nice! "Reach You In Your Sleep" switches things up with a half time beat, again matching light with dark in the form of euphoric vocal and a gritty arpeggiated riff. I want to to hear this in the club, it's dangerous. I've loved everything to come out of the BMT camp for a long time, and this release cements what most of us already knew. A highly recommended release.

Sinistarr & Silent Dust - Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix) / The Chant (none60)

The guys over at none60 continue to shake up the status quo with their latest reworking of the rules. Sinistarr takes control of "Love Sundered", remixing and warping the original into a rhythm fit for the muckiest of gutters. Layering the original sounds with plenty of bass and stuttery b-boy sheen. Sinistarr and Silent Dust join forces for "The Chant". Reconditioned jungle breaks, a generous helping of ragga vocal stabs and two previous owners... A souped up Vauxhall Nova of the drum & bass world if you like? All very fitting given to clear nod to the '90s jungle flavour.

Various - Lick The Electro EP (KOS.MOS.MUSIC)

If you are partial to John B or particularly liked the latest Jonny L album then this could be for you. Stripped back gameboy-esque melodies and quirky effects are aplenty. Things take a turn for the deep on Electrosoul System's "Supersonic", but otherwise this EP delivers a healthy slice of not-too-grown-up drum & bass fun.

Various - Deep Structures EP Part 5 (KOS.MOS.MUSIC)

I absolutely love this EP. Solid experimental beats from Russia. The best picks for me are Derrick & Tonika's "Genius" and Electrosoul System's "The Void Of Plazmatron". These are the kind of tracks that I love discovering before anyone else. Solid dancefloor functionality with all the intrigue of the local weirdo. Even if our alleged leaders can't agree on anything, it's good to know we can still meet on a musical level.

Safire - Homeland EP (Dispatch Recordings)

Recently interviewed for Organic, Safire steps up for what is probably his biggest release to date on Dispatch Recordings. Hailing the "Homeland EP" as his most technical work to date, we see Safire work through several collaborative and solo efforts that are sure to hurt the dancefloor. It's all pretty heavy going stuff and is best pumped out loud for the desired effect.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.